The Kissing Bug & Barack Obama Immigration Policy

The Kissing Bug involves yet another disease coming from Mexico and South America. First, it was Enterovirus-68, which has killed and paralyzed many American children, and that was almost certainly brought into the country—and widely spread—by Barack Obama’s foolish actions in regards to Central and South American “youths” who crossed our borders illegally. Now, let us welcome the deadly “Kissing Bug”! As the Daily Mail reports, “‘Kissing bug’ disease infects OVER Read more […]

3,000 Sex Offending Illegals Set Free To Roam America’s Streets

In one of the dumbest Supreme Court rulings in history, perhaps second only to the legalization of the insurance mandate, illegal aliens guilty of criminal offenses are being released to once again walk the streets of America.  In the 2001 decision, the Court ruled that illegals cannot be detained for punitive reasons if their home country refuses to take them back. Yep, that’s right.  If Mexico refuses to accept their citizens that enter our country illegally, those illegals cannot be detained Read more […]

Time to Kill the Department of Homeland Security?

Just over a year after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security.  The goal was to centralize those departments and agencies that dealt with our domestic security. Many argue that America’s shores are much safer now than they were, but at what cost?  Are we really getting our money’s worth by keeping this mega-department?  Nick Gillespie of offers up three reasons to kill the Department Read more […]