This Is Why We Get a Police State: Cops Kill Four Including Unarmed Man and Informant

In our growing police state, the accused are always very stupid. No matter how outnumbered they are and how many guns are pointing at them, they always making—the phrase seems standardized now—“a quick movement to his waistband.” And—Pow!—we are left with bullet-riddled corpse that can’t offer any testimony to contradict the story of the Miami Dade police. Even a man who had already dropped his firearm while fleeing, and thus had nothing in his waistband to grab, made this quick Read more […]

Give a Cop a Break, Buy a Gun

A police officer from Miami has finally been fired after an investigation into evidence that he had been ignoring emergency dispatch calls to hang out with his girlfriend and drink coffee with his fellow citation-gifters. In Chicago recently, they found a way to get around this. They just told Chicago citizens they would not be responding to certain kinds of emergency calls, like for burglaries, car thefts, and break-ins (if no suspect was on the scene). Miami and Chicago are high-crime cities. Read more […]