The Jeb Bush Planned Parenthood Connection

Jeb Bush, Planned Parenthood, and the Bloomberg Family Foundation Michael Bloomberg established the tax exempt Bloomberg Family Foundation. For some reason he or whoever was in charge of his foundation thought it would be good to invite Jeb Bush to be part of it. He was one of the founding directors. Naturally, since the organization was named the Bloomberg Family Foundation, it promoted baby-killing and cajoling other nations to get rid of their laws protecting the lives of unborn babies from Read more […]

Michael Bloomberg for President? Seriously?

Some think Michael Bloomberg should run for the Democratic nomination if Clinton drops out. An editorial in USA Today calls for the nomination of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. What are the chances of disaster for Hillary? Surely no less than any front-runner with a target on his or her back. And arguably much greater. And yet the Democrats will be stuck with her, without an alternative, because — beyond some point on the campaign timeline — nobody will have the wherewithal to Read more […]

Michael Bloomberg Says Some Races Should Be Disarmed

The former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, says cities should get guns away from some races to keep them alive. It is amazing to me what Liberals will say. At a time when African Americans are re-discovering the Second Amendment and the value of owning firearms, Michael Bloomberg says he wants cities to take guns out of their hands. According to the Washington Times: “Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to ‘keep them alive’” Former New York Mayor Michael Read more […]

New Restaurant Trend: Guns Welcome Signs

The Guns Welcome signs springing up are a sign of the real power of the people. Despite groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety with lots of money to give to anti-gun campaigns, the Second Amendment enjoys broad grassroots support. This means that, without spending much money, virtually any pro-gun forces can push back hard. For example, according to the Washington Times, restaurants are putting up signs that tell customers they have no problem with armed patrons. This Read more […]

Second Amendment Victory Against Michael Bloomberg’s Cash!

A Second Amendment victory was won at the polls yesterday, despite opposition from the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. MAIG is basically a product of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s money. The group had chosen to make a special project of defeating the incumbent sheriff in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, David Clarke. Clarke is a Democrat, but he is known for his strong support for the Second Amendment. Bloomberg wanted to defeat a “pro-gun” sheriff. The Washington Times Read more […]

Bloomberg Group Defection Shows Second Amendment Still Popular

The organization that is now called Everytown for Gun Safety, but until recently was named Mayors Against Illegal Guns (which is really a group that wants more guns to be illegal), is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s baby. He has put a lot of money into it. Because Bloomberg has so much money and clout, his support for opposing the Second Amendment can seem overwhelming. But it isn’t. Despite all that money Bloomberg’s group faces overwhelming popular opposition. This is demonstrated Read more […]

Are Liberals Constructing Hell On Earth In An Attempt to Earn Heaven?

The New York Times published a piece on Michael Bloomberg and his new anti-gun group. The Weekly Standard reproduced a quotation that is interesting: Mr. Bloomberg was introspective as he spoke, and seemed both restless and wistful. When he sat down for the interview, it was a few days before his 50th college reunion. His mortality has started dawning on him, at 72. And he admitted he was a bit taken aback by how many of his former classmates had been appearing in the “in memoriam” pages of Read more […]

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Shows That Liberals’ Goals Are Worse Than They Say

Since I know Michael Bloomberg is an anti-gun zealot, I am not surprised that his Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization is an anti-second-amendment lobbying group. Of course, the name of that group could be given a less dramatic interpretation. It could be an organization that opposes the minors having handguns where they are illegal, or opposes ex-cons getting guns. Even much of that is too much to my mind. I’ve never understood why felons who have served their time to do not get their right Read more […]

Madness Housing Is Also Birth-Control Housing: Liberals In Power Love Micro-Apartments

Rush Limbaugh yesterday made some excellent comments spring-boarding off this article in the New York Daily news: “Micro-apartments planned in NYC can lead to major psychological problems: report.” Micro-apartments could lead to major psychological problems, a report shows. The city plans to build a residential tower of apartments between 250 and 370 square feet at 225 E. 27th St. in Manhattan. But health experts say that placing people in their 30s and 40s living in such cramped spaces can Read more […]

Gun Control For You But Not Them: Bloomberg Gets Taxpayer-Financed Armed Guards

Personally, I think Bill de Blasio should remove all permissions to carry firearms for anyone connected with Mr. Bloomberg—let him taste the same tyranny he’s imposed on virtually everyone else. From the Daily Caller: When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office today he will enter civilian life protected by firearms. The same man who has spent much of his career and personal fortune trying to render good, law-abiding men and women defenseless, will now surround himself with a Read more […]

Bloomberg Gets Something Right: Fingerprint Public-Housing Residents

The broken clock that is New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is truly one of the broken-est. A different sort of broken from San Diego’s horn-dog mayor, 80 percent of whose citizens want him to resign; but Bloomberg is indeed broken, despite others being worse than he is. Nevertheless, you know what they say about broken clocks: you should take them into the shop to get fixed. They also say that they’re right twice a day. Twice a day may be a bit too generous to Bloomberg, however, whose actual Read more […]

Mayor Bloomberg: New York Gun Crimes are Virginia’s Fault

Gun grabbers always blame gun crime on the guns themselves. Or global warming. Anything but the criminals. Like Sheila Jackson Lee said earlier this year:  “Don’t blame the gangbangers.” They need rehabilitation, not punishment, and we just need to get rid of all the guns. Chicago and Detroit violence isn’t blamed on draconian gun control laws, but the fact that surrounding states have fewer restrictions on guns. And those guns end up being smuggled into the metropolitan areas of Illinois Read more […]