This Cannot Be a Hate Crime, Comrades

Black men beating up a white man for failing to answer a question about Michael Brown correctly: definitely not a hate crime. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure (fight starts at about 1:40): According to my local Fox 2 Station: The video shows man seated at the front of the MetroLink train can be seen talking to several young men.  After a heated exchange the man wearing a red shirt and hat punches the seated man in the face.  The man puts up his fists to protect himself Read more […]

More Criminals in Ferguson. Will They Too Get Rewarded?

Why should they be punished if Dorian Johnson was rewarded with a city job? According to a report in the Smoking Gun (“Surveillance Video Shows Tidal Wave Of Looters Ransacking Ferguson, Missouri Market.”), authorities are asking for assistance to identify nearly 200 looters who took part in a grand theft following the decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. In a bid to identify more than 180 looters, police today released surveillance video from inside a Ferguson, Read more […]

Michael Brown Witness Dorian Johnson Now on Public Payroll

Dorian Johnson, whose story made a city burn, is now working for local government. I thought I was beyond shock. I was wrong. This is beyond unbelievable. The man who caused disruption beyond measure across the country, and untold agony and destruction in his own hometown due to his demonstrably and verified false testimony… has been hired by the government. Here’s a St. Louis Post-Dispatch headline: “Michael Brown witness Dorian Johnson hired to do work for city of St. Louis.” Dorian Read more […]

Ferguson and The Sixth Commandment: Murder v. Manslaughter

The Bible makes distinctions about the sixth commandment. On the evening of November 24th in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2014, “after more than 3 months during which it met 25 times and heard 60 witnesses, a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson on any of the five charges put forth by the prosecution ranging from second-degree involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder in association with the death of unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown, who Read more […]

Ferguson Protests Exploited by Islamic Group

Everyone wants to use the Ferguson protest for their pet cause. As reported by Fox News: “Muslim groups seek to co-opt Ferguson protests, says watchdog group.” Muslim groups have stepped up efforts to co-opt protests over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., with a drive to equate the teen’s death to the death of a radical Islamist shot during an FBI raid in 2009, a Washington-based security watchdog group is warning. Using social media, conference calling and traditional Read more […]

Facts Don’t Matter to Ferguson Activists

The Washington Post’s story on Ferguson activists joins with them in not worrying about facts. One of the most influential media sources in the nation, and NOT ONCE does the “reporter” ask the people she’s covering to talk about the facts of the case at the center of the entire article. It’s all about a mindless, truth-be-damned, quit-my-job-and-sponge-off-others-because-I’m-upset bunch of people who justify stealing and destroying because… well… just because I claim it’s right. Thus, Read more […]

Ferguson – America’s Future Depends on Recovering Gun Culture

The latest report, if true, really makes it likely that Wilson should be cleared–if gun culture is not dead yet. Fox News reported yesterday, Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department’s top brass told “The Read more […]

We Need to Remember John Adams When We Analyze Ferguson Commentary

Unlike many Christian conservatives, I think Justin Raimondo is a national treasure despite his flaws. But sometimes he says things that seem disturbing and wrong. His last column leads off with an instance of this: The facts surrounding the murder of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old resident of Ferguson, Missouri, gunned down by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer, are not entirely known – but enough is known that it’s quite justified to characterize it as cold-blooded murder. Thanks to Brown’s Read more […]

Did Jay Nixon Declare Officer Darren Wilson Guilty Ahead of a Grand Jury?

According to Fox News Jay Nixon seems to have done just that:Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon drew criticism from his own Lt. Governor Tuesday when he said “a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued” in the shooting death of black 18-year-old Michael Brown by white police Officer Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.Nixon made the comment in a videotaped statement in which he said he would not remove St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch from the case despite the demands of some black leaders Read more […]

Was Michael Brown Rushing the Police Officer?

The story of Michael Brown and Ferguson just got potentially more complicated. You can see the video here. But it has also been made available via Youtube. Here is one that is a little bit longer than most of them but also prints the relevant statements while they are being said audibly. (Warning, a few bits of bad language.) Here is’s transcript of a portion of the audio: #1 How’d he get from there to there? #2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck Read more […]

Michael Brown Shooting: “Anything but Murder”?

According to the Western Journalism website, Additional information came out Wednesday that suggests Brown’s death was anything but a murder. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson confirmed the still unidentified officer who shot him was serious injured by the teen. I’m not willing to say whether it was murder, but I don’t understand how the writer can claim the police chief’s version “suggests Brown’s death was anything but a murder.” When the riots first broke out in Ferguson, Read more […]