Republican Leaders Promote Banning Trump from Democratic Process

They are openly calling for banning Trump so that Republicans aren’t permitted to vote for him in the primaries. I plan to vote against him, but banning Trump is crazy and authoritarian.  If Donald Trump represents how Republican leaders have alienated their base, banning Trump will only worsen the problem. But they are calling for it anyway—publicly showing their arrogance and elitism. Pat Buchanan responds: “GOP Elites Plot to Purge Trump.” In the Cleveland debate, Donald Trump Read more […]

Michael Gerson Tells Huge Lie That Americans Want to Believe

Michael Gerson attacks Rand Paul and shows what kind of delusions he thinks his readers want to embrace. Ironically, Gerson’s headline in the Washington Post is “Rand Paul’s grand deception.” I don’t want to say much about Rand Paul in this post. I’m more interested in Gerson’s sick denial of the truths he admits in his own column. What kind of mental illness pervades our nation that we actually read this stuff? Gerson writes about an anti-war push by Rand Paul back when he filibustered Read more […]

Michael Gerson Doesn’t Get It: The State Undermines Conservative Culture

Michael Gerson wants us to believe that “the tea party undermines conservatism.” Gerson, as a Karl Rove recruit to be George W. Bush’s speechwriter, has exactly zero plausibility as a conservative. But  since many people prefer to use pseudo-intellectual cant to justify standing apart from people who are fighting for conservative society, I’m going to deal with a few things in his editorial. One of the main problems with an unremittingly hostile view of government — held by many associated Read more […]