Michele Bachmann Should Stop Embarrassing Jesus

Contrary to what Michele Bachmann believes, Jesus has a lot to do before the Final Judgment. I think it is great that Michele Bachmann encourages everyone to entrust themselves to Jesus, Jew and Gentile alike. Outside of Jesus there is no forgiveness or new life for anyone. But why must she attach that basic message to myths about the “End Times”? According to the Hill, The 2012 Republican presidential candidate made the comments in a radio interview last week with Tony Perkins, president Read more […]

Michele Bachmann: Liberal Pariah or Conservative Nutjob?

Michele Bachmann, the erstwhile Representative from central Minnesota is retiring – and the news has caused folks across the political spectrum to react in sometimes surprising ways. As she is an outspoken conservative firebrand, there has been the expected crush of liberal hate speech. The conservative establishment is not exactly mourning her retirement either; some are even vigorously applauding it. Michele Bachmann is a darling of the social conservative movement because she does what so Read more […]

Bachmann Leaving Congress, Won’t Explain Why

Senator Harry Reid predicted in an interview with his fellow self-declared socialist Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC that, once the US economy begins to improve, the Tea Party will begin to fade and disintegrate. In other words, Harry Reid admitted he does not believe that the Tea Party was born as a protest of President Obama’s skin color, meaning that all prior instances of his party’s cries to the contrary were simply cases of race-baiting. Good to get that on record. But Representative Read more […]

Bachmann: A Woman Among Spineless Men

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann has taken heat and ridicule lately due to her adamant claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is and has been infiltrating the halls of American government. And while Bachmann is not alone in her claims (four other Republican representatives have made similar accusations), she is taking the largest portion of the backlash. Never one to back down from a fight, Bachmann continues to encourage others to follow the same paper trail that she did by simply reading the Read more […]