Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program Leads to $1 Million in Wasted Food in Two School Districts

Imagine how much waste is going on in the entire nation’s public schools! EAG News reports, “Michelle O’s lunch rules cost AR school district $1 million in wasted food.” Two Arkansas school districts estimate students throw away more than $1 million in food annually, mostly because of federal school food regulations championed by first lady Michelle Obama. The problem is among a host of issues tied to the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act and the National School Lunch Program that are plaguing Read more […]

Michelle Obama Thinks Beyoncé Is ‘A Role Model for Young Girls around the World’

The first lady tweeted happy birthday to Beyoncé and thanked her for being such a great role model. What is she supposed to be modeling? Michelle Obama sent a birthday tweet to superstar Beyoncé, thanking her for being a great role model for young girls. Why? Do young girls need guidance to start early so they can become adult striptease dancers some day? The story about this at The Blaze shows that the first lady received some pushback on Twitter, including some obvious photographic Read more […]

Michelle Obama’s Disney World of Native American Stereotypes

Michelle Obama unloaded all her Native American stereotypes in a speech that must have been inspired by the Disney cartoon, Pocahontas. Apparently, as long as they are aimed at flattery, Native American stereotypes are just fine. CNS News reports, “ First Lady Michelle Obama said on Thursday at a tribal youth gathering at the White House that the United States is “finally” embracing the wisdom of Native Americans on conservation and climate change, and claimed that America’s founders Read more […]

Fed’s AstroTurf Fights Student Grass Roots on School Lunches

The Federal Government is pushing back against students on social media to promote Michelle Obama’s school lunches. As you know, students have been posting pictures of their disgusting, unsatisfying lunches on social media. See this post for a sample lunch that is completely unappetizing. What was notable about these students is that no one paid them for pictures and no one was paid to solicit such pictures. But now we get a response from the USDA. The Washington Free Beacon reports, Read more […]

Paul Krugman Declares War on Pizza

Naturally, he pretends the War on pizza is a defensive action against “partisan” pepperoni. Because Krugman is considered an intellectual leader to Liberals, you can’t simply dismiss his writings with the derision they deserve. He exists to construct rationalizations for the aggrandizement of power and the enslavement of the population. And now he’s set his gaze on the various pizzerias scattered across this great nation. He is constructing a narrative to make the Pizza into the Read more […]

The Healthy Wisdom in the Sick Threat Michelle Obama Made

Michelle Obama tells people they need to eat healthy if they don’t want to be messed with by the Federal government. Michelle Obama decided to deliver a message via an interview in Cooking Light magazine. As the Washington Times reported: First lady Michelle Obama believes Americans can keep the federal government from meddling with their lives by eating healthy foods and maintaining an active lifestyle. In an interview with Cooking Light magazine published Monday, Mrs. Obama said the Read more […]

Hey Michelle, “Trash cans are fuller than our stomachs!”

Many of you can relate with me when I say the words, “school lunch.”  I have toured all across America speaking in public high schools and the first thing that brings me back to my childhood is by far the smell of the lunchroom. Have you noticed that government is making itself more and more at home in all our lives?  Not only does government tax and spend in areas we never gave them permission, but federal courts relentlessly push faith, values, prayer, and the Bible out of the public Read more […]

Michelle Obama Campaigns against Scott Walker

Just how much of a threat is Scott Walker to the liberal agenda? We already know that the Left is willing to use police state banana republic tactics to take down the governor of Wisconsin. But now we see another sign of their desperation: They have sent Michelle Obama to Wisconsin. From the National Review blog: “Michelle Obama: Beating Scott Walker ‘Just As Important’ As 2012 race.” First Lady Michelle Obama told Wisconsin voters that defeating Republican Governor Scott Walker is Read more […]

Michelle Obama Food Plan Threatens Tutoring Program

The Michelle Obama food plan bars “junk food” from being sold at school events. I’m sure the FLOTUS did not set up a system to eliminate the tutoring of students. (If they had actually aimed for such a goal they would have failed somehow.) Nevertheless, because of her interference with the various local school systems, by her Federal rules, all sorts of cascading consequences are still playing out. One such consequence is being felt at a school in South Carolina. The Daily Caller reports, A Read more […]

School District Quits Michelle Obama Lunch Program

This is not the first time a school district has quit what has been promoted as the Michelle Obama lunch program, but the fact that an Illinois school district is opting out of the system tells you it is truly an intolerable food arrangement. The state’s second largest school district has started the school year with a new look for its lunch menu, after opting out of the National School Lunch Program and forfeiting nearly $1 million in federal funding, to gain more freedom in the food it serves Read more […]

Is the Price of Butter Economic Bad News? No, but It Is Bad News for Michelle Obama

It is easy to get discouraged when you see a story about the price of butter going up. With money pouring into the economy from the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” program, prices get destabilized. Food and energy are especially prone to surging. So when I saw the headline about butter becoming a new luxury item, I was appalled. I thought we were seeing another price surge. Once again Fed policy was making it harder to survive. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, Read more […]

School District Drops Michelle Obama Lunch Program; Gives Up Federal Dollars

Kentucky’s Campbell County School District has opted out of the Michelle Obama lunch program, deciding it is worth losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Federal funds. This is a major push back in an ongoing war that the Federal government is waging against the states. There were plenty of signs it was coming. This is a sign that the Federal government has truly overreached. Instead of calculating costs and giving the states an offer they couldn’t refuse, the Feds have assumed that they Read more […]