Mayan Apocalypse Busted

People have been predicting the end of the world for centuries and we are still here. In the twentieth century, perhaps no one was better known for his doomsday predictions than former Christian radio host Harold Camping.  He made one prediction and when that didn’t happen, he said he made an error and gave a second prediction which didn’t happen either.  At one point Camping lost many of this faithful followers and his radio station.  His latest prediction was that world would end in 2011, Read more […]

Unions Built and Destroyed Michigan

Michigan has long been a union controlled state.  The United Auto Workers (UAW) was probably the largest union in the state.  The UAW was responsible for getting their members better wages and benefits.  Compared to non-union workers, UAW members made more money and had better benefits. That was great when the economy was good and the nation was prosperous.  During those times, the people of Michigan also prospered and it was largely due to the unions as the sign one man held up said, ‘Union Read more […]

Michigan Considers Making Unborn Children a Tax Deduction

While much of the country still debates whether an unborn child is a person or just a lump of helpless flesh, the state of Michigan is giving them more status than they’ve ever had before. The Michigan House of Representatives is currently discussing   House Bill 5684 and House Bill 5685. If passed these bills would allow expecting parents to claim their unborn child as a tax deduction on their state income tax. In order to qualify the parents would have to show that the mother and child Read more […]

Who’s Going to Win in November?

In trying to simplify the state of the race and move past the statistical dead-heat that the national polls show the race in, I have done a little more electoral map analysis today.  I have taken advantage of RealClearPolitics’ delightful “create your own map” tool.  I put North Carolina and Missouri safely in the Romney ledger, but put New Mexico and Michigan safely in the Obama ledger.  I am putting Minnesota in the Obama ledger too, but a Pawlenty-as-VP pick could change that.  The reality Read more […]

13-Year-Old Businessman Gets Shut Down by Local Regulators

The following article was written by Dr. Gary North, “The Tea Party Economist.” A 13-year-old mowed lawns to save up enough money to buy a hot dog cart. He got licensed. Then he tried to sell hot dogs. The city shut him down. Why? Two reasons. First, the good old boys who run local restaurants two decades ago got independent food vendors zoned out. Second, the teachers union got businesses banned for anyone under 18. He had paid $2,500 for the cart. He sold it for $1,250. He has just had the Read more […]