Obama Policies Driving Arab States Toward Russia

Anger among Arab states over the Obama Administration’s deal with Iran is just the latest spur driving them into Russia’s circle. In an interview with The Telegraph, Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, said the United States’ influence in the region would dwindle if the Obama Administration persisted in its “schizophrenic” foreign policy. Al-Khalifa said that ever since President Obama’s embarrassing performance in failing to gain support for war in Syria allowed Read more […]

Obama’s Bumbling Handing Egypt Over to Russia

So the great liberal hope, Barack Obama, who was going to bring peace to the world with a smile and an apology, has instead lost us the entire Middle East. That’s what it’s looking like as the Egyptian military steps up and goes toe to toe with the Muslim Brotherhood’s church-burning, human-shield-using mob. The death toll now that the army has begun using bullets is already around a hundred or more, and the military government is considering banning the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s the same Read more […]