Christian Persecution and the Umpqua Shooter

When hearing the denials of Christian persecution, ask what would have happened if the Muslims were targeted? At the time that this editorial was written, it wasn’t certain yet if the stories of the shooter targeting Christians were true. Ed Stetzer wrote, Such reports are uncertain and often end up being wrong. And, I hope this one is incorrect — although the same general narrative does continue to surface. Regardless, the conversation gives us a moment to consider this reality because, Read more […]

Mike Huckabee Adds to the Problem of Too Many GOP Candidates

Rather than support a candidate, Mike Huckabee added himself to the Republican confusion. “When a land transgresses, it has many rulers, but with a man of understanding and knowledge, its stability will long continue” (Proverbs 28:2). The ever-bloating list of 2016 Republican Presidential candidates is symbolic of the humanly hopeless divisions that exist across the land. We are being rushed to the Abyss by entrenched Establishments in two corrupt political machines, and unless opposition can Read more […]

Mike Huckabee Is Right about Criminalizing Christianity

Mike Huckabee obviously spoke truth about our government and the homosexual agenda criminalizing Christianity. If anything, Mike Huckabee has understated what is going on. According to CNS News: The persecution of Christians because of their moral opposition to homosexual behavior and so-called gay marriage is on the rise in America, to the point where “Christian convictions are under attack as never before” and “we are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity,” Read more […]

Chuck Huckabee Picks the Toughest and Most Important Fight: Judicial Tyranny

Once and likely future presidential candidate Mike Huckabee may have been the last speaker at the recent “March for Marriage,” but what he had to say made the most lasting impression. For it was the winsome Huckabee, whom his detractors believe is “too nice” to take on the Left, who took on a fight even the boldest conservatives have shied away from for far too long. “Judicial supremacy is a curse upon this great republic and is the greatest heresy of our time,” Huckabee said. He Read more […]

Resist the Gay Agenda Machine: Eat Mor Chikin

In case you haven’t heard, Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, believes in the biblical definition of marriage. His comments to the Baptist Press news organization have been analyzed, publicized, and politicized. Boston, Chicago, and now San Francisco, have all declared their opposition to the chicken company, making it clear that their restaurants are not welcome in their cities. Even the Muppets have gotten in on the action by refusing to allow their toys to ever again grace the interior of Read more […]