Congress Moves to Protect Religious Freedom from Feds

Two Republican lawmakers are proposing a bill that would protect the religious freedom of organizations if the Supreme Court recognizes same-sex “marriage.” If you remember, Bob Allen posted about Albert Moehler’s review of the arguments presented to the Supreme Court about same-sex “marriage.” One of the things that the government spokesman told the justices was that a decision in recognizing such pseudo-marriage would put religious employers in jeopardy. They could be required to hire Read more […]

Democrat Senator Trying to Rescue Us from Republican Spy-Lovers

Democrat Senator Ron Wyden promises to filibuster the Republican attempt to renew Patriot Act with NSA surveillance. God bless him! There’s no other way for a Conservative Christian to pray: May God defeat the Republicans and bless Ron Wyden, Democrat, as he tries his best to give us back a piece of our Constitutional republic and our Fourth Amendment. From the Hill: “Spy critic pledges to filibuster rubber-stamp Patriot Act.” Sen. Ron Wyden is increasing his opposition to Senate Republicans’ Read more […]

Is Glenn Beck Overreacting against the GOP?

Glenn Beck says he is “done with” the Republican Party. Dylan Byers at posted the headline yesterday: “Glenn Beck ‘done’ with Republican Party.” “I’ve made my decision – I’m out. I’m out of the Republican Party,” Beck said on his radio show. “I am not a Republican; I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out. I highly recommend – run from the Republican Party. They are not good.” Beck’s apparent frustration lies with the GOP’s inability to defeat Read more […]

Change We Can Believe In! A Bill to End the Federal Gas Tax

This is the kind of things that Republicans should push and push hard. From The notion that U.S. infrastructure is crumbling and underfunded has been common lately, and more such news came in February, when the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that the Federal Highway Trust Fund could soon run out. This spurred debate about what to do with the trust’s main funding source, the federal gas tax. Some legislators have long wanted to raise this tax, and President Obama recently proposed his Read more […]

Neither Liberal Democrats Nor Tea Party Republicans Should Be Immune From Investigation!

It is often said today that “DC is broken.” I would agree. Here is another example. No one… no one… NO ONE… is above the law. And those who serve in public office should be held to higher standards, because they possess the public trust, and have the power to do untold damage. From the Washington Times: FBI agents working alongside Utah state prosecutors in a wide-ranging corruption investigation have uncovered accusations of wrongdoing by two of the U.S. Senate’s most prominent figures Read more […]

Heritage Foundation: Get Rid of Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent Crimes

Back when I wrote about prosecutors threatening torture to get a confession, I thought I was a bit “out there” in Conservative circles. My mistake. Yesterday the Heritage Foundation posted on “Time To Reconsider Mandatory Minimum Sentences.” It seems this is both a conservative position and one that appeals to Democrats as well. At a time when people are claiming that Congress can’t get anything done due to partisanship it seems that there is a move afoot to deal with this sentencing Read more […]

Hey, Big-Money RINOs, Where Is The Tea-Party-Inflicted Damage To The Republican Brand Now?

Thanks to Ted Cruz and the Republican Congressmen who sided with them (and with the people who voted for them!), the GOP is on record as having attempted to force the government to undo Obamacare. This supposedly hurt the Republican “brand” (people who still think Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are worth associating with obviously have no idea what really damages the Republican reputation). They tell us that Ted Cruz is a joke. There are big-money people in Utah ready to oust Mike Lee. But does Read more […]

Unable To Hurt Cruz, GOP Daggers Are Out For Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee of Utah has supported Ted Cruz’s historic stand. But while Texans have Cruz’s back, the media thinks (or wants us to think) that Utah is more likely to stick a knife in Lee’s. Mike Lee may have plenty of Tea Party pals on Capitol Hill, but back in his home state of Utah, the GOP senator is growing decidedly less popular. Since the government shutdown, approval ratings for Ted Cruz’s strongest ally have fallen, and his fellow Republicans are some of his strongest critics. “Among Read more […]

John Boehner: I “Absolutely” Trust Obama

In Speaker John Boehner’s interview with ABC News where he conceded to the host that he agrees with President Barack Obama on the issue of debt, saying that we really don’t have any immediate debt crisis, John Boehner also stated unequivocally that he trusted Barack Obama. Boehner said that he and President Obama have a great relationship and that they’re “open with each other, honest with each other,” but that they’re trying to “bridge some big differences.” The host asked him point Read more […]