Obama Is The NSA’s Servant, Not Their Boss

Expecting Barack Obama to do anything which runs contrary to the wishes of the information and power freaks at the NSA, and that actually follows the Constitution and protects our privacy is a fool’s dream. Why? 1. Those in power have too much to gain by ready access to “convenient dirt” on citizens who might dare to oppose them. They will never willingly give up the ability to control or smash others. 2. NSA holds the trump card on any politician. Think about it, Barack Obama spent millions Read more […]

Judge Rules Against NSA; NSA Spies On Plaintiff

I don’t often notice WorldNetDaily and Techdirt writing on the same topic, but they both cover the recent ruling on the NSA. As Mike Masnick writes for Techdirt, Well, this is big, big news. Judge Richard Leon, a judge in the DC district court, has ruled that the NSA’s bulk metadata collection should be stopped as violating the 4th Amendment, though he’s put the ruling on hold, knowing that it will be appealed. This is the first major court ruling concerning the program, and the judge is pretty Read more […]