Maybe Your Job Isn’t Supposed To Be Something You Love

Yesterday, Economic blogger Mike “Mish” Shedlock wrote about how many people are unhappy with their jobs. He recommended a book for those who want to try to change. If that book helps someone get a more satisfying career, more power to them. I’m happy for you. But I have a different perspective on loving one’s job. You should be happy about your job because it provides you with income. Everyone could use more income, but it is better than nothing. You should be happy with your job Read more […]

So What Happens When Southern Europe “Boils Over”?

Mish posted a headline that raises the question: “Simmering In A Pot Of Misery.” His post includes a link to a new Gallup report: The scarcity of good jobs has been one of the most troubling aspects of the economic crisis facing southern Europe, particularly for younger people with little job experience. In 2013, nearly half of 15- to 29-year-olds in six southern European countries are underemployed – meaning they are either unemployed or working part time but wanting full-time work. Though Read more […]

Illinois Exemplifies How Big Government & Big Crime Go Together

When most people think of tyranny, and totalitarian government, they think of rigid rules and harshly enforced laws. But what tyranny and big government really involves in the majority of cases is a lot of politically-connected law breakers. Regulations provide opportunities for bribery or kickbacks in many different ways. Laws can be selectively enforced so that some criminals get protection and provide an unofficial income stream to the ones responsible for enforcing the law. In a democracy, criminals Read more […]

“Income Inequality” Will Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving To Politicians, As Long As They Keep The Tea Party Down

A headline from NPR about the New York City Mayoral race, was refreshing because it actually expressed doubts about government superiority, “NYC Race Focuses On Income Gap, But How Much Can A Mayor Do?” Voters in New York City go to the polls Tuesday to choose their next mayor, and it appears all but certain that they’ll elect Bill de Blasio, the city’s public advocate. The Democrat has built a wide lead in the polls by distancing himself from the incumbent mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Read more […]

What Happened To “The Millionaire Next Door”?

If you are like me, you first heard about the book, The Millionaire Next Door, from Dave Ramsey who mentions it in his seminars. I used to work as a grunt hourly-wage-earner (before moving on to being a grunt hourly-wage-earner-elsewhere) at Nashville’s late great independent bookstore Davis-Kidd, and remember Dave setting up his book table with his self-published version of Financial Peace before many people had heard of him. Dave used the book written by Thomas Stanley and William Danko to Read more […]