American Troops Not In “Combat” in Iraq

Barack Obama thinks if he denies that he is doing things that everyone can see, they still won’t see it. In this case, the Nobel peace prize winner wants to pretend that he isn’t starting another Iraq War. Sometimes however someone in the military forgets to repeat the partyline. reports: Briefing reporters hours after the raid took place,  Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said that “U.S. forces are not in a combat role in Iraq.” He said a team of elite U.S. soldiers had provided Read more […]

American Christians and the US Military in the Eyes of the World

To Christians outside the United States, American Christians send a very mixed message.  The following exchange from happened between an  American teaching English as a second language in Australia and his Iraqi student: I had an incredibly interesting exchange with a 20-year-old Iraqi man regarding Christianity and American foreign policy. Ledan and I meet weekly to work on English and to talk about the Bible. In fact, when I first met him and learned he was from Iraq, I instinctively Read more […]

Obama Purging Military, Installing Yes Men

The purge of the military that began after the Benghazi attack is continuing, and may be accelerating. Since the September 11, 2012, attack, nine top commanders have been fired by the president in what insiders are saying is a plan to send a message to the lower ranks that disobedience to Obama policies will not be tolerated. Among the commanders shown the door: U.S. Army Gen. Carter Ham, who commanded U.S. African Command when the consulate was attacked and four Americans were killed; Rear Read more […]

Priest Sues Military Over Ban Against Mass On Military Base

Last week I reported that the Obama administration had ordered all contract and general service Catholic chaplains to stop performing any religious duties on military bases during the government shutdown.  The orders they received also banned them from volunteering their services under the threat of being arrested. A number of military bases here in the US and abroad do not have active duty chaplains assigned to them so the military will contract with civilian priests to perform mass, weddings, Read more […]

‘Faith-Based Hate’ Charge Has Become the New Racism

Some atheists took offense recently to a military chaplain’s quoting of the old saying, popularized by Dwight Eisenhower, “In battle, they learned the great truth that there are no atheists in foxholes.” ((The origin of the quotation is uncertain. U. S. Military Chaplain William T. Cummings may have said it in a field sermon during the Battle of Bataan in 1942. Other sources credit Lieutenant Colonel Warren J. Clear, who was also at Bataan, or Lieutenant Colonel William Casey. But the phrase Read more […]

Military Wives Tribute to Husbands Serving Abroad

With all of the problems our nation and the rest of the world are facing, I thought it time to post something positive for a change. Women whose husbands are in the military and serving abroad have written letters of love and support for centuries.  Those letters have served as inspiration for many heroic deeds.  They are often the only positive thing that some of the servicemen have to cling to during the worst times of their lives. My dad entered the US Navy prior to World War II in 1940, Read more […]

Obama-Clinton Push Our Soldiers Into the Philippines

Is the National Security Council abusing steroids? According to the Diplomat, the United States “has reportedly agreed to substantially increase its military presence in the Philippines, increasing the number of troops, aircraft and ships which routinely rotate through the country. Details surrounding the scale of the increase were not made public but Pio Lorenzo Batino, the Philippines deputy defense minister said policy consultations were also held on a framework that would allow Washington Read more […]

Mittmentum vs. Romnesia

After a stunning display of world-class lying (fitting, as the debate subject was, after all, foreign policy), the president once again crossed the border into the pathological in Florida. With renewed declarations of Governor Romney “rewriting history” and hammering his recently-minted fling at Governor Romney, “Romnesia,” the president regaled the worshipful crowd: “We had a severe outbreak last night. It was at least stage three Romnesia. And I just want to go over with you some of the Read more […]

Fort Bliss Mum to Obama

An August 31 speech given by the president to soldiers at Fort Bliss, Texas, was yet another reminder of Obama’s dismal approval among American troops. The Daily Caller reports that his speech “was greeted with fleeting applause and extended periods of silence.” Obama tried several times to engage the crowd to little avail. Unlike Democratic voters, soldiers cannot be pandered to. One would be forgiven for wondering why he even tries to rally the troops to his cause. The lingering stagnation Read more […]

Obama Campaign Wages War on Troops

Overseas troops often find it difficult to vote. For one thing, they can’t just drop their rifle and mail in their ballot especially if they’re stationed in a war zone, which is pretty much the entire Middle East. And not only that, since every state has a different law regarding absentee ballots, filling them out properly can be confusing. And if they don’t arrive in the States in time, they can’t be legally counted. During the last presidential election, only 20 percent of a 2.5 million-member Read more […]