Lawless in America

I had an interview this week with a reporter from the Sun paper. They dragged up a number of questions, things for which the leftists have previously harangued. One of which is the sermons and teachings I delivered regarding the citizens’ militia. It is important to understand that they think that anyone who believes what I believe regarding the citizen’s militia is politically speaking dead in the water before the starting gun is even fired. I patiently tried my best to explain to the reporter Read more […]

A Former Supreme Court Justice Wants The Second Amendment Changed to Its Opposite

At least the man is consistent. When John Paul Stevens sat on the U.S. Supreme Court he simply made things up to suit his tastes, with no regard to history and the Founders’ intent. Now… he continues to do the same thing. From “John Paul Stevens: Change Second Amendment to Remove ‘Any Limits’ on Government Power.” In his new book Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, Stevens — who generally favored maximum government power during Read more […]

“Range War” Is Warming Up in Nevada!

Things are heating up in the Nevada desert. As I watched video last night of the Feds pointing Tasers at unarmed citizens, and threatening them with dogs, I mused that the only thing missing was swastikas on their uniforms—this is how tyranny rises, and it simply grows more fangs as time passes. (It was hilarious seeing the rancher who was Tazed just pulling out the barbs, and going right back to his verbal confrontation with the Fed aggressors. You can imagine the cowards thinking: Gee, Read more […]