This is Your Brain on Pentagon-Funded Chips

With our country on the hook for more than $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and the latest revenue-raising scheme, Obamacare, rapidly imploding, it’s comforting to know that our government is still capable of focusing on the basic needs of this country — like mind control. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced last week that it’s planning to spend $70 million over five years to develop brain implants. That’s brain “implants,” not brain “research.” The raison d’etre Read more […]

Science vs. Ethics: Researchers Remotely Control a Human

In a bit of whiz-bang science that may go down in history with the infamous “putting the criminal’s brain in the monster robot’s body” trick, University of Washington researchers have just demonstrated the ability to control a human being’s actions remotely. I know some of you think that such technology already exists and is used to control the puppet in the Oval Office, but this is apparently the first time such technology has been publicly admitted. Using Skype and a type of magnetic stimulation, Read more […]

Wisconsin Department of Education: Whites are Born Racist and Privileged

If you have kids in Wisconsin government schools, be on the lookout for what VISTA is teaching them. Especially if you happen to be white. VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is an operation under AmeriCorps that is being used by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A cursory look at the Wisconsin DPI’s “VISTA hub” on their website shows what those gender studies and social studies majors end up doing with their lives. Blacks are oppressed, and whites are inherently racist. Read more […]