Forget Terrorism; What about Abuse & Assault?

Columbia, Missouri, is about as vanilla an American town as you could want. You don’t expect it to make world headlines as a place of Islamic violence. Yet, here is the Daily Mail headline: “University of Missouri assistant professor charged with ‘violently grabbing 14-year-old relative by the hair and dragging her out of school for not wearing hijab'” An assistant professor at an American university has been arrested for allegedly grabbing a 14-year-old female relative by the hair and dragging Read more […]

A Victory over Traffic Cameras

Saint Charles County has had some controversies involving residents attempting to use their right of self-government to get rid of traffic cameras. Now TechDirt gives us some good news from Saint Charles city: “Missouri Court Upholds Right Of Citizens To ‘Vote’ Traffic Enforcement Cameras Out Of ‘Office'” Sometimes the citizens win the fight against red light cameras. That’s when the government’s hate for the little people really shows through. Late last year, residents of St. Charles, Missouri, Read more […]

Court Upholds Appeal to St Louis City Wage Increase Law

An ordinance passed in August by Mayor Francis Slay and the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen to raise the municipality’s minimum wage from the current state mandated $7.65 per hour to $11 per hour by 2018 was struck down by a circuit judge today. On the local news tonight, the reporter bemoaned the fact that minimum wage earners in the City of St. Louis would have to continue to struggle to put food on the table.  While it is true that an additional $3.35 an hour ($146 per week) is enough money Read more […]

The EPA Fails Again

The EPA really has a bad rap.  From corruption of its senior leaders on more than one account to failure to properly clean up oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, it seems we always hear about what the EPA does wrong.  Here’s another to add to the list. A landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri, (not far from Lambert International Airport in St. Louis) has been burning slowly for the past 5+ years.  The EPA has regularly told residents and businesses in the area that there is no reason to worry about Read more […]

Conservative Christian Politician is a Former Homosexual

And we can expect he won’t be the last former homosexual whose story will offend Liberals. People get sexually confused for all sorts of reasons. In my opinion Bob Dixon’s explanation of why he did what he did is really not that important. What is important is that a man who was sinning in his youth repented and followed the way of the Lord. The media hates him for this and tries to spin the story to make it look as bad as possible. Thus, the KDSK headline, “Conservative MO lawmaker says Read more […]

Missouri Counties Pushing Back Against Same-Sex Marriage?

Homosexuals are complaining about Missouri counties not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. I have no idea if clerks in Missouri counties are deliberately resisting issuing Faux Marriage licenses or not. But a homosexual advocacy group is worried. According to the Associated Press, “Some Missouri counties still not issuing same-sex marriage licenses.” Some Missouri counties are still not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite last week’s Supreme Court ruling, Read more […]

The Missouri House Speaker: Just another Sleazy Politician

To talk about a sleazy politician is almost always to be guilty of redundancy. What kind of person gets ambitious for public office? What kind of person wants to have that power so much that they are willing to invest themselves in winning the population contests required to acquire it? I don’t believe every politician is a worthless human being—but I think the vast majority are and the headlines substantiate that belief almost every day. In general, the Democrats have an easier Read more […]

No, You Don’t Need Government Welfare for a Tattoo

Kansas lawmakers are trying to ban using government welfare for tattoos, movies, cruise ships, and more. I was upset with proposed Missouri restrictions on food stamps because they seemed designed to turn recipients away from healthy options like seafood. The list of proposed restrictions on the use of government welfare money seems much more reasonable. According to the Christian Science Monitor, “No movies, concerts, or tattoos: Kansas bill would limit use of welfare funds.” The bill Read more […]

MO GOP: Stop Buying Good Food with Food Stamps

If we are going to have food stamps, why tell recipients to stop buying good food? Why are MO Republicans imitating Michelle Obama’s lunch program with food stamps? I hate food stamps. I wish they would be abolished. I don’t believe they actually help people but that they make it easy to become people who need help. Those who really needed help could be helped by voluntary gifts, especially if the state was not busy plundering the populace through taxation. But  none of the Missouri Read more […]

Another Mysterious Death in Missouri Government

Weird suicide of state auditor now followed by mysterious death of his media director. Not sure what the status of this will be by the time you read it, but as of about noon yesterday news was released about the death of Spence Jackson. I am still waiting for an autopsy report. Jackson was the media director for the former Missouri Auditor, Tom Schweitz, a Republican. Tom Schweitz called reporters from the Associated Press and the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. He invited them to come to his home Read more […]

Cities Sue Their own Residents over Red Light Cameras

County residents voted overwhelmingly to ban red light cameras, but cities are suing the county to overrule their own residents. The legal principle is interesting. Do counties have the authority to pass laws that dictate policy to the cities and towns within them? The residents of St. Charles County recently voted on a ban on all red light cameras. The ban passed by a majority of 73 percent. But the ban is now being challenged. According to KMOV: St. Peters, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, Read more […]

Anti-Bullying HB 458: Bye-Bye, Mom & Dad

A Missouri anti-bullying bill would allow rumors and hearsay to create a litigious nightmare. On Monday, February 2, HB 458 will be heard before the Missouri House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education upon evening adjournment.  According to the NO MO Common Core, Representative Sue Allen’s bill would, prohibit schools from retaliating against the victims or whistle blowers of bullying, requires them to report all accusations of bullying, not just ones they have personally Read more […]