Today, New Hampshire Cops Have New Excuse for Revenue Collection

If you use your mobile phone while driving, New Hampshire cops can shake you down for $100 on “first offense.” I read a pretty amazing editorial in the New Hampshire Union-Leader yesterday: “The cellphone ban: Fines for endangering no one.” Beginning tomorrow, it will be illegal to “use” any handheld device while in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that is on a public road in New Hampshire. You do not have to be driving to get a ticket under this absurd, knee-jerk reaction of a law. What Read more […]

Secret Government Program Gathers Mobile Phone Data of Everyone

A secret government program flies planes over the country with fake communication towers to fool mobile phones into connecting with them. First the good news: people who should know have told the media that this program tries to find a suspect’s phone and “let’s go” of other phones. I’m glad to hear it. But this program is such a guarded secret and it does, in fact, for at least some time, grab all phones indiscriminately and gather data. One can only wonder if this unverified claim Read more […]