Jeb Bush is Failing with Moderates, Conservatives, and Donors

After months of an unofficial campaign, Jeb Bush is starting his official one weaker than Mitt Romney was when he started for 2012. There is a pretty fascinating column in The Upshot blog at the New York Times. Nate Cohn writes of Jeb Bush, He has not won the invisible primary, the behind-the-scenes competition for elite support that often decides the nomination, and he has not even emerged as a favorite of the party’s large block of more moderate voters. He starts in a weaker position than Read more […]

The So-Called Syrian Moderates Work with the Extremists

Yesterday, I heard constant stories about how the Obama Administration wants to “work with” the so-called Syrian moderates—in other words, to arm and fund them. I have written about this several times. It is an idea that is proffered not only by Democrats but by Republicans. As Bob Allen recently wrote, it is a crazy and dangerous idea that can only put us in more danger from extremists with American-financed weapons. Nevertheless, others keep pretending that the weapons and money can Read more […]