The Key to Ending Private Prisoner Exploitation is Not Regulation but Competition

Perhaps you don’t think it should matter if prisoners get ripped off by their phone services. Maybe you’re right. But it still doesn’t make sense to give special monopoly favors to politically-connected corporations to make money off some of the poorest people (not just prisoners, but their families). According to the New York Times, Inside the razor wire on Eagle Crest Way, in rural Clallam Bay, Wash., telephone calls start at $3.15. Emails out, beyond the security fence, run 33 cents. Read more […]

“Wave” Of Obamacare Taxes About To Hit. Will Consumers Only Be Partly Soaked?

Welcome to 2014, the first year of the Affordable Care Act and the first year that new taxes start hitting. has a pretty long article listing them. Here’s one example: This year, insurers will collectively pay an $8 billion health insurance tax known as HIT, a fee that will vary based on a company’s market share. Annual collections will increase to $14.3 billion by 2018, and more than $100 billion will be brought in over the next decade. The million-dollar question is how much Read more […]

More Playing Monopoly Under The Unaffordable Care Act: Obamacare Is An Old Fallacy

A physical therapist wrote the economic blogger, Mike “Mish” Shedlock, about another feature of Obamacare: A cornerstone of ACA (Obamacare) is promotion of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) intended to be fully integrated systems, capable of taking patients through a complete continuum of care. Allegedly, ACOs would reduce price. ACOs (virtually the same as hospital consolidation) do not deliver on the promises. Many anti-capitalists claim that the free market leads to cartels where Read more […]

Monopoly Not A Game For Rural Areas Under Obamacare

New York Times headline: “Health Care Law Jacks Up Prices To The Moon For Rural Areas.” Just kidding. But, for the New York Times, the real headline was about as strong as we could hope for: “Health Care Law Fails To Lower Prices For Rural Areas.” While competition is intense in many populous regions, rural areas and small towns have far fewer carriers offering plans in the law’s online exchanges. Those places, many of them poor, are being asked to choose from some of the highest-priced Read more […]