Montana Threesome Sues for Plural Marriage

To demand a right to a plural marriage, they naturally appeal to the Supreme Court decision making same-sex “marriage” a reality and a civil right. Only five days after the Supreme Court decision that pretended that homosexual couples can be “married” and declared all states must recognize such “marriages” a threesome applied for a marriage license. In this case, it was a married couple and a single woman claiming they should be able to form a plural marriage with one husband and two Read more […]

Montana Prosecutor Uses Defamation Law to Invent Hate Speech Crime

If you thought the First Amendment prohibited punishing hate speech, you’re right but someone missed the memo. It is so easy to say, “The courts will never allow that. They will strike it down.” But in reality, every time a prosecutor finds a way to punish hate speech he is giving the courts an opportunity to change their minds and overturn the Constitution. They will never admit that they are doing so, of course. But they could always find that there are exceptions in the First Amendment, Read more […]

Montana Enacts Law Prohibiting NSA Spying

House Bill 603 requires any government to get a probable cause-based warrant before anyone’s electronic devices can be spied on. The law passed the Montana State Senate in April and was signed into law in May. It never really made any headlines, because it was all done before anyone heard the name Edward Snowden. I mean, most of us knew that the government was spying on everybody, but that was all a conspiracy theory until the media admitted it and then tried justifying it on “national security” Read more […]

There Really are Zombies in America: They’re Called Voters

There are Zombies in Montana . . . and in every other state across America. They’re called voters. They feed off the living. If you’re not familiar with the story of the Montana zombie attack, some hackers were able to take over the Emergency Alert System of Great Falls affiliate KRTV television station’s regular programming and put out an emergency bulletin of a zombie apocalypse. The KRTV website says the hackers broadcast that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in a number Read more […]

Montana Denies Legislator’s Request to be Paid in Precious Metals

Jerry O’Neil is a Republican representative from a northern district of Montana. He wrote a letter to his state legislature asking them to pay his $7,000 salary in gold. He said that he was prompted to make such a request because he doesn’t have faith in the US dollar anymore. Also, his constituents have been holding him to his oath to the Constitution which he says requires that states issue payments in gold or silver. Predictably, state officials scoffed at him and denied his request. Jaret Read more […]

Drones Blowing up American Homes

The explosion tore a hole in the bedroom wall and blew the nails out of the drywall. It was 6 in the morning, October 9 and the twelve-year-old girl was still sound asleep when it detonated in her room. The explosive device was a weapon of war and it came into her home without warning. With a flash she suddenly felt searing pain. She survived, thankfully. Photographic evidence shows there is a big area on her side where her skin was blackened from the heat. According to reports from the region, Read more […]