Hillary Clinton’s Story: Court Made Me Defend Rapist/I Did It as a Favor

For the record, I have no problem with the fact that, as a lawyer, Hillary Clinton defended a rapist. To the extent that she defends herself by pointing out that she was doing the job she was supposed to do, I think her defense works. It is a non-issue. But in the same lecturing tone that she uses to explain to us the duties of a defense attorney, she states assuredly that she asked to be excused from taking the case. Without seeming to care she breezily contradicts her own earlier story. As with Read more […]

ISIS is Not an Existential Threat to the Security of the U.S.—Contra John McCain

At about the 2:35 mark John McCain declares that the Al Qaeda conquest of part of Iraq is an “existential threat” to the United States. That is absurd. Weirdly, in the context of his talking, I wasn’t sure if he was more upset about the invasion of ISIS or about the fact that Iran is sending their military to protect Baghdad. Naturally, since we handed Iran an ally by overthrowing the Baathist government of Iraq and replacing it with a democracy in a Shiite majority country, Shiite-ruled Read more […]

Bill Gates Shocks Both Liberals & Conservatives By Talking Sense About Minimum Wage

Wow. I hate to give the devil his due, but I have no choice. Bill Gates owned that question. Before I talk about why Gates answer was so great, let me dispense with the “Costco Example.” Because Costco pays better than places like Wal-Mart, it is used as proof that minimum wage could be raised everywhere. It doesn’t work that way. Costco has worked out a business model wherein they try to attract high value employees. They pay more for loyalty and quality. By definition, not everyone Read more […]