Antonin Scalia Speaks an Undeniable Truth and Liberals Condemn

You know Liberals have no arguments when they’re only response is moral outrage. Thus, the Mother Jones headline: “Justice Scalia Suggests Blacks Belong at ‘Slower’ Colleges.” Then followed the tagline that summarizes their best response: “Yes, he really said that.” The Supreme Court is hearing arguments about an “affirmative action” case. Thus, Scalia was not referring to all blacks. I’m sure that Ben Carson could get accepted and do well in any school in the country. Scalia was talking about Read more […]

Virginia Now Stuck With Terry McAuliffe: Tea Party Mission Is To Make Voters Regret It

I feel bad for the Virginia Cucinelli voters who are now trapped in a McAuliffe-governed realm, but there I also feel a sense of grim satisfaction that the ones who voted for McAuliffe are also stuck with him. Even Leftists admit this (now that he is safely elected). On the Mother Jones website, the headline was displayed yesterday, “I can’t believe Terry McAuliffe is going to be governor of Virginia.” The splash line of the article was: “No experience in office? Check. Sketchy business Read more […]

If Dems Lose 2014 Will Media Admit Anti-Cruz Hype Was Overblown?

Supposedly, the Republicans are facing disaster because of the incredible (alleged) stupidity of shutting down the government and refusing to authorize the Federal Government to borrow money to pay the interest on borrowed money. (Once the government got the green light to borrow money to pay the interest on borrowed money then the economy was stabilized because everyone was “reassured” that the Federal Government would pay its debts. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?). The Republicans are in Read more […]

Yellow Journalism is Alive and Well

Democrats are getting desperate. Or perhaps I should say, Democrats are getting even more desperate. Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate has put big-government liberals into panic-mode. They are clamoring for anything and everything to throw at the duo. Their latest low blow would be downright humorous if they weren’t actually serious. But they are serious, which makes it rather sad and pathetic. In an article on the Mother Jones website, Stephanie Mencimer makes the claim Read more […]