U.S. Sending Troops Into Jordan Sign of Slipping Control Over Mideast

President Obama’s foreign policy continues to implode in the Middle East as the U.S. is now sending American troops into Jordan to back up that country’s military when the violence in Syria spreads over the border, Leon Panetta has announced. That it will spread seems almost certain. Syria and Turkey, a NATO ally, have been shelling each other for days, and Iraq, which had been a U.S. ally (or at least vassal) under President Bush, has begun buying Russian weapons and verbally supporting Syria, Read more […]

Administration’s ‘Tolerance’ of Murderers Is Just Cowardice

There’s a quote making the rounds of the Internet that’s being attributed to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough: “They weren’t ‘sympathizing.’ It was a statement of religious tolerance, and damn it, we stand for that in America. And if someone wants to put that out because they think it might keep Americans safe inside that embassy, who the hell has a problem with that?” It’s a chastisement of Mitt Romney for criticizing the Obama Administration’s flaccid response to the killing of our embassy personnel. Read more […]

Left Tried to Pin Death on Romney, But Obama Has Real Blood on His Hands

I have to admit that Mitt Romney isn’t my favorite candidate, but he does have an advantage over many of his Republican rivals in that he’s truly Mr. Clean. Either Romney’s skeletons are so well buried that Democrats can’t find them, or he genuinely doesn’t have any shade in his past. It’s nothing short of remarkable that the best the Obamanation camp has been able to dig up on Romney is that he’s rich. Normally, complete fabrications like the “war on women” and “he killed my wife by firing Read more […]

Hillary Compares Islamic Violence to Christianity

You can’t help but wonder if Hillary Clinton was always blind to the nature of radical Islam or if she’s been influenced by her aide Huma Abedin. Clinton defended her aide during a speech on religious freedom Monday in Washington, D.C. Abedin has been in the news lately because the Left is shocked — shocked, they say — that a group of Congress members asked questions about her family ties to the Muslim extremist group the Muslim Brotherhood, which has come to power in Egypt and been the power Read more […]

Bachmann: A Woman Among Spineless Men

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann has taken heat and ridicule lately due to her adamant claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is and has been infiltrating the halls of American government. And while Bachmann is not alone in her claims (four other Republican representatives have made similar accusations), she is taking the largest portion of the backlash. Never one to back down from a fight, Bachmann continues to encourage others to follow the same paper trail that she did by simply reading the Read more […]

The Pyramids, the President and the De-Evolution of Intelligence

I’ve long since come to realize that I ask too many questions. That seems to be the consensus. Too many questions for the comfort of other people. Too many questions probably for my own good. Of late, I’ve been thinking about evolution theory. It’s far from proven in my reckoning. The gist of course is that humans have developed — evolved — from lesser life forms to become the intelligent species that we are today. With that idea comes the notion that we should be getting smarter by Darwinian Read more […]