German Hospitals Face Unprecedented Struggles as They Treat Syrian Refugees

Syrian “refugees” have been welcomed to the US by President Obama.  Germany is struggling to deal with the many diseases carried by migrants from Syria. A report from a doctor serving in Germany is causing some in the West to fear as more countries open their borders to those seeking asylum.   Citizens of the US and other western nations are right to be concerned.  Germans who have worked hard their entire lives cannot get medical care at no cost, but refugees who have just arrived there from Read more […]

Democrats Show Schizophrenia on ‘Muslim Question’

So let me get this straight. Last week, thinking that somebody could be Muslim was such an insult that Donald Trump was called upon by liberals to apologize for a statement made by a questioner in the audience of one of his campaign appearances about President Obama. This week, Muslims are so innocuous and unquestionably all-American that Dr. Ben Carson is being called upon to apologize for saying he would not support a Muslim for president because Shariah law is incompatible with the Constitution. Have Read more […]

Christian Students Forced to Pray to Allah, Study Quran, Pledge Allegiance to Afghan Flag

Author’s Note –  It was brought to my attention that the source I used for this post was bogus and that the information below is completely false.  Had the information been true, my post would have stood as is.  I apologize for misleading anyone and will try to vet my sources better in the future. – Dave Jolly Supposedly there is a separation of church of state that permeates our government and public schools that only applies to Christianity and Judaism and does not apply to Islam, the Read more […]

National Park Service Showing Pro-Islamic Videos Paid For With Taxpayer Dollars

Can you imagine what would happen if any part of the federal government paid for and displayed videos promoting Christianity or Judaism?  Groups like the ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation and Americans For The Separation Of Church And State, would all be up in arms and trampling each other at the courthouse doors filing their lawsuits. With that in mind, would it surprise you to learn that it has happened with videos promoting Islam? The Women’s Rights National Historic Park in Schenectady, Read more […]

Egyptian Protesters Demanding Ouster of Obama’s Buddy Morsi

On October 14, 1981, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated after nearly 30 years as the country’s third president.  Vice President Hosni Mubarak was sworn in as the fourth president of land of pyramids.  Mubarak ruled Egypt with a strong iron hand.  Many considered him to be more of a dictator than a president.  He was charged with a number of human rights violations. In 2010, the movement to oust Mubarak gained strength both within Egypt and from the international community.  Read more […]

Should Fort Hood Shooting Victims Receive Purple Hearts?

On November 5, 2009, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, located just outside of Killeen, Texas.  Before being wounded and captured, Hasan had killed 13 people and wounded 32 more.  He targeted only military personnel, passing by a number of civilians without shooting at them. Due to base policy, none of the military personnel at Fort Hood are allowed to carry firearms except for military police, so those being targeted had no way of defending themselves. Hasan Read more […]

Muslims Burn Over 150 Christian Homes and 2 Churches

Islam, the supposed religion of peace, has developed a hair trigger when it comes to the slightest hint of blasphemy against their prophet Muhammad.  It doesn’t matter if the claims of blasphemy are true or not, as just the suggestion that someone said anything negative about Muhammad is enough to insight a violent reaction.  One is guilty until proven innocent, and in most cases that is too late to save the accused. Case in point is what just took place in Lahore, Pakistan where it was reported Read more […]

Christian Children Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam and Become Suicide Bombers

Dahka is the capital of Bangladesh and home to over 6.7 million people.  89.5% of the people of Dahka and the rest of Bangladesh are Muslim.  Hindus make up another 9.6% and the remaining 0.99% are Buddhists, Christians and other religions. So what are the chances that a group of college students in a city the size of Dahka, with nearly 90% being Muslim, hear about 19 Christian children who were about to be sold by Islamic human traffickers?  If it sounds like God intervened on their behalf, Read more […]

Belgium to be Europe’s Next Islamic Nation

Islam is spreading like a mold throughout a loaf of bread. What once was clean and good to eat soon becomes corrupted and destroyed by a nasty fungus that in time consumes the entire loaf and makes it inedible. Last August I wrote about my close friends in the United Kingdom and how they were telling me long before the 9-11 attacks that Muslims were moving into certain neighborhoods and taking over.  When enough of them moved into one area, they began to dominate the entire culture of that city Read more […]

The Muslim Agent Who Pulls Obama’s Strings

A lot has been said — in the press, by the president, by others –about President Obama’s affinity for the Muslim world. From his promise that “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” to his description of the Muslim call to prayer as one of the prettiest sounds on Earth to his bowing before the Saudi king, Obama’s actions have convinced many people that the president is a Muslim, despite his protestations and claims to the contrary. What hasn’t Read more […]

Ikea’s hypocrisy on ‘gender equality’

Ikea, the Swedish home furnishing company, is under fire for contradicting its supposed commitment to gender equality. Ikea has been vocal in the past for its support of gay marriage, claiming that “gender” should not be discriminated against. However, in the most recent version of its catalog, women were removed from the Saudi Arabian version. The photos in the Saudi catalog are identical to the ones in catalogs from other countries, except for the unmistakable fact that female models were literally Read more […]

Bill Maher: Obama’s Court Jester

Ever the political genius, Bill Maher has predicted that Mitt Romney lost the presidential election with his response to President Obama’s response to the Cairo Embassy attacks last week. Maher compared Romney’s response to the president as being the same as John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign in 2008 when faced with a financial crisis. Maher said McCain made Obama look “cooler and smarter,” and essentially won the court of public opinion with his decision. Maher believes Romney Read more […]