Nancy Pelosi Pretends GOP Cutting Veteran Funds

Is the GOP cutting veteran funds? No. But why would that stop Pelosi from saying otherwise? I hate agreeing with the Washington Post’s “fact checker” column, because I worry that I am setting up my readers to be fooled at some later date. “Fact checker” earns a reputation for honesty and non-partisanship, I fear, precisely so that it can be used for partisan purposes on crucial issues. But, now that you know I think you should be careful about ever relying on “fact checker” too Read more […]

Lies about Obamacare: Are You Really Surprised?

Did you even believe the lies about Obamacare? Before last week, you had probably never heard of Jonathan Gruber. Gruber is the MIT economist who was once considered to be the intellectual architect behind Obamacare.  Nancy Pelosi now says he had nothing to do with Obamacare.  But back in 2009 she was quoting him publically and endorsing his published opinions on the matter. In any event, you have now heard about him because a series of videos have surfaced in which he candidly Read more […]

More Evidence Obama & Pelosi Are Pathological Liars

Pathological. There is no other conclusion that can be honestly and fairly reached. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are pathological liars, and there is no legitimate reason to trust a word either of them says. The case of Jonathan Gruber confirms it. Both of these “leaders” have denied even knowing Mr. Gruber in recent days, despite an irrefutable awareness of the existence of copious amounts of printed, audio, and video documentation that refutes those denials. Nancy Pelosi extolled Read more […]

Sign They Are Losing: Dems Attack Nancy Pelosi

It isn’t news when Republicans attack Nancy Pelosi, but when Democrats join in that tells you something. My guess: it means they know they are losing. From the National Journal: “Embattled House Democrats Turn Against Nancy Pelosi.” House Republicans have surprising new company in attacking Nancy Pelosi: her fellow House Democrats. Three Democrats running in GOP-leaning House districts have used late-stage television ads in a bid to distance themselves from the liberal leader of Democrats’ Read more […]

So Much for No Contemplation of Ground Troops; Now We’re Sending Them

It was only yesterday that I quoted Nancy Pelosi insisting that she hoped President Barack Obama would not send any ground troops to Iraq but, if he decided to do so, he didn’t need any permission from Congress because Congress had abdicated conferred unending power to commit any kind of aggression in Iraq back in 2001 and 2002. It was only a week ago that I pointed out that, even though the media claimed that our White House rulers “are not contemplating ground troops,” the President actually Read more […]

Congress After President’s Iraq Briefing: We’re a Joke

Anything and everything we do about Iraq using our military is entirely in the hands of President Barack Obama. Congress has been told they have nothing to say about it and Congress seems to believe it. From Roll Call: President Barack Obama is still considering what to do about Iraq, but he told the top congressional leaders Wednesday that he doesn’t think he needs Congress’ permission to act. “We had a good discussion,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., arriving Read more […]

Nancy Pelosi Attacking Paul Ryan’s Budget; The Sarah Palin Strategy Is The Only Rational Response

Naturally, Nancy Pelosi is desperate to distract the voters from the wreckage that is the non-Affordable Care Act. She thinks that Paul Ryan’s budget is the answer. From The Hill: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is arming Democrats in their fight against the Republicans’ latest budget proposal as Congress heads into the long, spring recess. Democratic leaders have decided that hammering the 2015 budget plan from Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is a winner. With that Read more […]

Why Does Nancy Pelosi Feel So Betrayed By Republicans In Congress?

Yesterday, the Washington Times ran a headline that probably caused a lot of Conservatives to laugh out loud: “Nancy Pelosi is outraged: ‘We did not treat President Bush this way’.” Mrs. Pelosi argued that while Democrats opposed Mr. Bush on many issues, including the Iraq War and his efforts to privatize Social Security, they also worked together on many issues such as the Wall Street bailout and energy legislation. “We did not treat President Bush this way,” she said. “We thought Read more […]

Nancy Pelosi Joins the President in Running Away from “Obamacare” Name

Awhile back I posted about how President Barack Obama said he wanted to “rebrand” Obamacare, that is, the Affordable Care Act. I quoted CNS News: He didn’t use the word “Obamacare” once on Tuesday in talking about his health care law, but he mentioned the “Affordable Care Act” seven times. “So, look, I am confident that the model that we built, which works off of the existing private insurance system, is one that will succeed,” Obama told the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Read more […]

Dems Want Vote On Amnesty Now, RINOs Want To Wait Till After Primaries

What does it tell you when Democrats are saying that a vote should happen now but Republicans want to wait until later—after certain elections have been held? According to the Washington Times, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday there is a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives ready to pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul bill, but she may never get the chance to prove it if GOP Speaker John A. Boehner doesn’t bring a vote in the Republican-lead House. “With 28 Republicans Read more […]

A Reminder The US Will Never Pay Off Its Debt

From the Rare blog: Your share of the national debt is now $1.1 million Each U.S. taxpayer now has a federal-debt liability of $1.1 million, and rising. Remember that when President Obama boasts that the federal deficit—the shortfall between annual revenues and spending—is declining. Of course, the primary reason for the decline is the sequester, which was his idea but now adamantly opposes. The public tends to focus on the total national debt, which just passed the $17 trillion mark—up Read more […]

NPR: is The Republicans’ Fault

I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset about this story since it actually shows that Democrats hate Republicans because many of them can’t be bought out (I wish that was true of all Republicans). In “How Politics Set The Stage For The Obamacare Website Meltdown,” several allegations are made. First, a former HHS bureaucrat is quoted: On the other hand, people should remember that those who are in charge of the money HHS needs to implement the federal exchange are dedicated to the destruction Read more […]