When a Flag Burns in Ferguson

In Ferguson and other cities across the country, protesters have vented their anger by smashing, destroying and burning anything they can get their hands on. But a group of National Guardsmen couldn’t just stand by after an American flag was burned by rioters. In a move that clearly befuddled the low-lifes standing around, including the cameraman who was recording the scene, the Guardsmen walked into a crowd of jeering onlookers to search for remaining pieces of the flag so that it could be Read more […]

Was Ferguson on Purpose?

These are fair questions, and the people of Ferguson deserve a truthful answer. Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder says Obama administration must have leaned on Governor Nixon to ignore pleas from Ferguson Mayor to send in National Guard: This essay follows up with more circumstantial evidence that builds a damning case against the Governor of Missouri. I suggest the State legislature has every right—and, in fact, a responsibility—to hold hearings on this matter, and to put Jay Nixon in the Read more […]

Ferguson Mayor Ignored When He Requested National Guard

The Ferguson Mayor could not get anyone on the phone. The first responsibility of public officials is to defend the freedoms of the People, and also to provide for their protection from threats—foreign and domestic. Given that, I think the Governor of Missouri has some major questions to answer here. Why in the world do you call an emergency, and mobilize the Guard, and then not put them on the streets to protect people’s lives and property? [See also, “Who Is In Charge of Ferguson? Read more […]

Rick Perry & the President’s “Tone.” Are We at the Brink?

Ladies and gentlemen: If the tone and content of this brief statement from Governor Rick Perry don’t send chills up your spine, you’d better check your pulse and/or your IQ. This is one small step from… … … … (I’ll let you fill it in) The gravity of this statement makes me reflect back on the President’s very recent move to strip all Apache Attack Helicopters from the State Guards. What is this DC executive planning? Why is he threatening our governors to the point where one would Read more […]

Chuck Hagel’s Dictatorship Defied: 6 States Refuse To Submit National Guard To Federal Pansex Regime

Chuck Hagel has accused six states of violating Federal law and spreading prejudice. The “Federal law” is his own made-up belief in his own made-up authority to impose his made-up definition of marriage on states that don’t believe in his authority to overturn their state laws. The “prejudice” is an insane thought control campaign where the US government is demanding that all Christians spit on the authority of King Jesus and the Bible, and pretend that men and women are interchangeable Read more […]

Chicago Gun-Laws So Effective Governor Considering Sending In National Guard To Stop Violence

Chicago has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the nation.  They have their own ban on assault or assault-style weapons or high capacity magazines.  Guns have to be registered and they are now banned from any establishment that serves alcohol.  The city bans the sale of any firearm within city limits.  If a gun is stolen, the owner is required to report the theft immediately or face a fine. On top of this, the state of Illinois requires a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card Read more […]