Unions Grab Power over Fast Food Franchises

Fast food franchises are now about to be plundered. This was not a defeat in the courts or in the legislature. It came from the executive branch—though not from an executive order (for once). Instead, the gift to unions came from Barack Obama’s appointee to the National Labor Relations Board, Richard Griffin. Ernest Istook explains in the Washington Times: Mr. Griffin has declared that millions of Americans who work for franchise restaurants aren’t merely employees of the business owners, Read more […]

Obama Administration Wants To Change Rules For Union Elections To Help Unions

Of course, they pretend this isn’t a naked pro-union move and power grab. I don’t know why they bother pretending anymore. It is bad enough they want to corrupt, ruin, and plunder us. Couldn’t they at least stop insulting our intelligence with these blatant lies? Adds insult to injury. The Obama National Labor Relations Board wants to rush voting by employees on whether or not to unionize. OpenMarket.org gave the story the perfect headline: “Ambush Elections Diminish the Understanding Read more […]