Obama on Earth Day: I’ve Stolen More Lands from States than Any Other President

Earth Day is a rationalization for Federal land grabs in the name of the planet. The euphemism for “stole” in President Obama’s statement is “set aside.” As in the headline at CNS News: “Obama: ‘I’ve Set Aside More Public Lands and Waters Than Any Administration in History’” In an Earth Day speech delivered today in the Florida Everglades, President Barack Obama boasted that he has set aside more “public land and waters” than any president in the history of the country. President Read more […]

Park Service Tries To Shut Down Private Businesses Due To Government Shutdown

I keep waiting for Big Bird to make the headlines again, appearing on PBS and telling kids that he won’t be able to do any more shows because of the government “shutdown.” He might tell his young viewers that he hasn’t been able to get a paycheck because there isn’t enough money, and as a result, he hasn’t been able to pay his rent or put food on the table for his little bird kids. He would tell his viewers that if they want him to continue to be able to air shows on public TV, they’ll Read more […]

Return All National Parks to the States

All the wrangling over closing National Parks should be a wake-up call to tax payers and the size and scope of government. We’re told over and over again that there’s nothing in the budget that can’t be cut. Most of what our federal government does is unconstitutional. Entire agencies should be shut down. The Department of Commerce has 46,000 employees and doesn’t engage in commerce. The Department of Energy has 13,000 employees and doesn’t produce any energy. I live a few miles from Kennesaw Read more […]

Government Shutdown Apocalypse: KKK National Park Rally Canceled

If you don’t see the world ending all around you, then you’re not paying attention. It’s happening just as Obama and his team of spin-doctors had predicted. A government shutdown means the destruction of the global economy. It means the suicide bombers, the kidnappers and arsonists working in the GOP have succeeded in blowing everything up. That’s why you see the very foundations of the world buckling under the slightest pressure. That’s the reason for all the carnage and chaos that Read more […]

Let’s Keep the Sequestration Going! It’s Good for America

I heard Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson tell a reporter that when Americans feel the economic impact of the Sequestration that Congress will finally act to do something about it. Politicians can always find people who claim they’ve been harmed by a dilution of some government program. Does anybody believe that if the Federal Department of Education stopped operating tomorrow that the average parent would know? Remember, prior to Jimmy Carter’s administration, there was no Department of Education, Read more […]