Hillary Caught Red Handed

Just two days ago, the New York Times rewrote a story about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in order to soften the PR blow to her campaign, at her handlers’ request. That seems unlikely to happen again anytime soon as the facts about two investigators’ call for a criminal investigation of the former secretary of state’s handling of official emails become known. The New York Times’ lede on Friday night: WASHINGTON — Government investigators said Friday that they had discovered classified Read more […]

Time to Kill the Department of Homeland Security?

Just over a year after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security.  The goal was to centralize those departments and agencies that dealt with our domestic security. Many argue that America’s shores are much safer now than they were, but at what cost?  Are we really getting our money’s worth by keeping this mega-department?  Nick Gillespie of Reason.com offers up three reasons to kill the Department Read more […]

Are Drunken Parties Necessary for National Security?

We’re constantly fed the “national security” excuse to justify everything our government does here at home and abroad. Our military is spread thin over many countries in the world for national security purposes. We’re occupying the Middle East for national security purposes. We get involved in the internal, political affairs of foreign countries for national security purposes. It’s costing Americans about $1 trillion a year to maintain our global military hegemony. But is everything our Read more […]

Is Obama Planning to go Back to Iraq?

President Obama made all sorts of antiwar promises about war and national security and civil liberties which he has never kept. In fact, on issues ranging from drone terrorism to whistleblower persecutions to locking people up forever without trial, Obama has been worse than Bush. But Obama has had one supposed triumph that he has trumpeted loudly: he withdrew from Iraq. But, in the first place, we still have over a couple of hundred “security forces” there, “training” the Iraqi security Read more […]