U.S. Empire Means We Are Ruled by Foreigners

White House spokesman tells reporters we will be ruled by foreigners when it comes to our troop commitments to Afghanistan. CNS News posted two stories about Afghanistan yesterday, both well worth reading: “Gen. Campbell: Afghans Are Fleeing Their Country, But They Want U.S. Military to Stay,” and “WH: On Afghanistan, Obama Will ‘Take Input’ From Diplomats, NATO Allies, Not Just Military Commander Who’s There.” The first headline is pretty self-explanatory. While the “top U.S. commander Read more […]

Is Jeb Bush Campaigning in Europe? Why?

Shouldn’t we be reading stories about Jeb Bush campaigning in the United States? Why are we hearing about what Germans think about him? Since he is running to be this nation’s President, I have been expecting to see Jeb Bush campaigning in… this nation. But then I saw this headline at Politico.com: “Germans conflicted about the Bush brand.” Jeb Bush, kicking off a six-day European tour, will pay tribute on Tuesday to America’s alliance with Western Europe, calling it “as relevant Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Destroyed Libya for No Good Reason

Others in government tried to stop her, but Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya by using her control of the State Department. Remember, Barack Obama went into Libya with no idea how to bring order to the country once the regime had been destroyed. The resulting terrorist playground was the fault of NATO and the United States, but the Administration blames it all on the murdered Gaddafi. Interestingly, elements in the government tried to get around Hillary Clinton’s campaign to destroy Libya Read more […]

Are We Now in Danger of Nuclear War?

Have you considered the danger we face of nuclear war? Wednesday I told a good friend I believed the next two years are perhaps the most dangerous the United States has ever faced. Thursday, I find this. “Russian General Calls for Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO.” A Russian general has called for Russia to revamp its military doctrine, last updated in 2010, to clearly identify the U.S. and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one and spell out the conditions Read more […]

Risking War with Russia is Dangerously Stupid

With all of the hot zones in the world—China and the South Sea disputes, Israel and Gaza, Ebola, the Southern Border crisis—it’s easy to lose sight of what may be the most critical to the near-term future: Russia vs. The West. The Nation is right to ask: “Why Is Washington Risking War with Russia?” As The Nation has warned repeatedly, the unthinkable may now be rapidly unfolding in Ukraine: not just the new Cold War already under way but an actual war between US-led NATO and Russia. Read more […]

Russia Secretly Sponsoring Anti-Fracking Campaigns?

I’m not too angry at the Russian government because 1) I already didn’t think too highly of the Russian government and 2) I know our government finances a lot of subversive activity over there. But it is important to know this when you hear confident claims against fracking—the new method of acquiring shale gas. According to the Telegraph, Russia is secretly working with environmental groups campaigning against fracking in an attempt to maintain Europe’s dependence on energy imports from Moscow, Read more […]

To Understand Russia Now You Need to Remember Bill Clinton’s Reign

Is Vladimir Putin the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, as some have tried to pin on him? Make no mistake, Putin is a dangerous man, but if you climb past the warmongering rhetoric of certain Western politicians and media sources on a ladder of historical knowledge, you may see a very different landscape beyond the rubble of the Berlin Wall. The situation in Ukraine was absolutely foreseeable, given the United States’ betrayal of Russia which began under Bill Clinton, and has continued under George Read more […]

Ukraine & NATO: Let the Game of Chicken Begin!

Brilliant! From Yahoo News: “Ukraine agrees to host NATO war games.” Ukraine’s parliament on Tuesday approved a series of joint military exercises with NATO countries that would put US troops in direct proximity to Russian forces in the annexed Crimea peninsula. “This is a good opportunity to develop our armed forces,” acting defence minister Mykhailo Koval told Verkhovna Rada lawmakers ahead of the 235-0 vote. The decision came as NATO foreign ministers gathered in Brussels for a two-day Read more […]

President Barack Obama Says That Crimea Is Worse Than Iraq

Whether or not you believe the Iraq invasion by the U.S. is justified, I fail to see how a war that left a million dead and an Iraq subject now to constant Al Qaeda attacks can be compared favorably to an invasion that left one dead. Yet President Obama, despite posturing himself as opposed to the Iraq War back before his presidency, claimed that what the Russians have done in Crimea is worse. The Washington Post’s Post Partisan blog reports: President Obama, whose presidential campaign in Read more […]

The Pretense That the U.S. Respects Law Is Being (Further) Shredded By The Reaction To Putin

Of course, after an illegal bombing and the sponsorship of terrorists to topple Gaddafi’s regime and kill Gaddafi himself, after murdering American citizens with drones (and claiming that murdering a son was OK because he had a bad father), after sponsoring Islamic killers to torture, rape, and behead Christians in Syria, you would think that our reputation for “the rule of law” would already be an open joke among the nations. But so far we still trudge on pretending it is true. Speaking Read more […]

Were These People Really Worse Off Under Gaddafi?

Another nation in grave peril, brought to you to by the sociopathic secular elites of the United States and the Western nations, whose worldview is being proved over and over to be a total bankruptcy. Via UK Reuters: “Western countries alarmed as Libya slides towards chaos.” Western countries voiced concern on Thursday that tensions in Libya could slip out of control in the absence of a functioning political system, and they urged the government and rival factions to start talking. Two-and-a-half Read more […]

Mali: Pentagon Gives Congress Middle-Digit Salute

What’s wrong with this lead paragraph? “The Pentagon is weighing options in Mali, including intelligence-sharing with France and logistics support, following French air strikes on Friday against Islamist rebels, a U.S. official told Reuters. ‘Discussions are ongoing,’ the official said on condition of anonymity.” There is no mention of Congress. Whether or not we get “involved” in Mali is a question that is to be resolve between the Pentagon and France. In a sense this is old news. Read more […]