Defense Authorization Offends Spending Limits

The National Defense Authorization Act blows spending caps away. While we are waiting to find out what kind of budgetary betrayal the RINOs in Congress have cooked up, we already know that the NDAA is a disaster. The House has passed their version and Rebekah Johansen writes at that the Senate will take it up this week: “The NDAA agreement the House just passed is an unbelievably bad deal for taxpayers.” Some of the most controversial provisions — and one that had snagged negotiations Read more […]

Why Hasn’t Hillary Clinton Been “Disappeared” Already?

From Daniel Doherty at When House Speaker John Boehner spoke to the media yesterday again about his decision to form a special committee on Benghazi, he made it abundantly clear that the investigation would not be a partisan witch-hunt or show trial to score political points. Rather, it was going to be an impartial inquiry convened for the sole purpose of learning the truth about what happened that night. […] And yet, despite these unanswered questions, former Secretary of State Read more […]

The Courts Are Fine With Imprisoning Americans Without Trial

A brief extract from a post at the Acting-Man blog: A law suit filed by journalists and academics (including Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, and Noam Chomsky) against the NDAA statute that provides for the secret detention of ‘terrorism suspects’ by the military on the president’s say-so, while subsequently denying them any judicial review or recourse, initially ended with the lower court siding with the journalists. The journalists complained because the law obviously has a chilling effect on Read more […]

Ted Cruz Votes Against And Condemns The Senate’s Unconstitutional Indefinite Detention Law

While Ted Cruz has done heroic deeds in leading the fight to abolish and defund Obamacare, he also recently stood against the unconstitutional tyranny being erected under the excuse of fighting terrorism. He and fourteen other Senators opposed this criminal piece of legislation that pretends to give the President license to disappear people. On December 19 the Senate renewed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which alleges it gives the President the right to indefinitely detain, without Read more […]

A Spying Program Designed for Us

If the NSA spying program is so good at catching the bad guys, then why didn’t it know about the Boston bombers and Edward Snowden? The answer is simple: The program was designed to keep track of us. So, most of our “so called” elected officials here in the United States are outraged that Edward Snowden the whistle blower that leaked the news of NSA’s Verizon Telephone spying program on United States citizens will be granted asylum by more than a few countries around the world. What we Read more […]