Blame Unions For Public School Failures

How many of you have had teachers that did as little as possible to teach you anything?  With some of these teachers, you could get as much from reading the text as you could from listening to their long drawn out monotone lectures that were the perfect cure for insomnia.  There was nothing innovative about their lessons.  Their classes were boring to say the least. Then there were those teachers that made learning fun.  They had different and unusual approaches to teaching that often captured Read more […]

Homosexuality: The Political Battering Ram

The lid has yet again been blown off of the radical homosexuality agenda. As the Supreme Court held hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, Obama spent $350 million on sexual indoctrination classes for children. Through the Personal Responsibility Education Program, students will be taught that no type of sex is wrong, and the only “unsafe” sexual behavior is pregnancy, and if that happens, here’s some info on abortion. One can look to New York City where officials Read more […]

Defunding the Education Thugs

Some of the more welcome news to come out in the last month is the nearly wholesale collapse of faith in the American public schools. It has been reported that as few as 29% of Americans have confidence in the public school system, which only goes to prove how ineffective the system really is. The fact that even 29% of people in this country could even remotely claim to have any vestige of trust left in such a proven money and time-waster as the public school system is the best evidence that promoting Read more […]