Evangelicals: A House Divided on Capital Punishment

Officially, the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization that represents Evangelical Christians of many different denominations, always stood in support of capital punishment.  Christianity Today reports: Since the early 1970s, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has stood in favor of the death penalty. It reasoned that capital punishment was an ethical stance for Christians because it works as a deterrent and lends appropriate gravitas to heinous crimes. “If no crime Read more […]

Veteran Robbed of $60k+ for Marijuana Smell; Never Charged

Court ruled a veteran robbed of over sixty thousand dollars by Nebraska State Troopers and the DEA had no right to object to the robbery. No matter what Eric Holder promised, civil forfeiture is still going strong. According to the Institute of Justice’s Mark Brewer, writing at Forbes.com, a recent decision by the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has made sure that such open thievery will continue in many Midwestern states. We just need to face up to the fact that the Feds expect and want Read more […]

Keeping Roads Safe from Chapstick and Raking In Money

This news story about police keeping roads safe from “distracted driving” shows how the populace is trained to be exploited. I once read a science fiction story where a steak restaurant used modified cows that could talk. The cows were trained to want to be killed and eaten. In fact, they actually came to the customers’ tables, showed off their portions, and then, after getting an order, went back to the kitchen to slaughter themselves “humanely.” That’s pretty much a perfect picture Read more […]

College Students Refuse Meatless Monday Propaganda

Meatless Monday is propaganda to make you feel guilty for eating real food. The fundamental lie that is used to make Meatless Monday seem like a good idea is anthropogenic global warming. I don’t know if the college students who pushed back hard against the Meatless Monday campaign are outright skeptics about man-made climate change, or if they simply refuse to believe meatlessness is an essential part of dealing with that claim. But they did push back. According to Omaha.com: “Promote Read more […]

Sorry, But that is Exactly Where Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” Belongs–in the Outhouse

Seriously, it was in poor taste, but… seriously?! The Department of Justice is investigating a parade float for being in poor taste? The Washington Times reports, “DOJ investigates Nebraska parade float critical of Obama.” The U.S. Department of Justice has sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to investigate a Nebraska parade float that criticized President Obama. A Fourth of July parade float featured at the annual Independence Day parade in Norfolk sparked criticism Read more […]

Man Robbed By Armed Thief–Armed with Gun and Badge

The government gives Deputy Lee Dove a badge and a gun. This is what happened next. From Police State USA: After a successful run at the casinos in Las Vegas, a man carrying a large sum of cash fell victim to a thieving police officer on his way back to California.  Without charging him with a crime or even giving him a speeding ticket, the cop seized 50,000 and let him go.  This practice of highway robbery is perfectly legal. Tan Nguyen was the lucky gambler who was stopped along I-80 in Read more […]

Thieves Forced To Pay Attorney Costs: Police Don’t Get To Get Away With Theft

Law enforcement officials don’t believe this, but people really do find it convenient sometimes to travel with large amounts of money. Law enforcement officials do find it convenient that ninety percent of all U.S. currency, when tested, shows trace amounts of illegal narcotics. So, when Nebraska police pulled over a husband/wife couple on a speeding violation and managed to convince them to voluntarily allow them to search the vehicle, they must have believed they hit pay dirt. As the Heritage Read more […]