Did Anyone Else Hate Nikki Haley’s Response to… Donald Trump? Ted Cruz?

The speech above was purported to be a response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union message. Hardly. I only bothered to listen to the speech because my Facebook feed yesterday was full of attacks on Ann Coulter for the tweets about Haley’s speech. While I didn’t bother to find out what Coulter wrote (because I don’t really care), I did get curious about Haley’s speech. And, for the record, I have heard nothing but good things about Haley. I certainly liked her more than Trump and, in Read more […]

The Neocon Interpretation Of The Star-Spangled Banner Is Wrong

The Weekly Standard often has good ideas and good information but it is extremely neo-conservative. That means it is pretty loyal to big government and especially to the idea of America going to war whenever it wants to impose its will over any part of the planet. On Monday Bill Kristol’s editorial was posted on the website. Kristol compared the World-War-I-era anti-war poem, Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen to the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key. He thinks these are two opposed Read more […]

Thin Skins and Snake Skins: Anti-Semitic Dowd?

Liberal columnist Maureen Dowd has been called many things during her journalistic career. As one of the premiere opinion writers for The New York Times, her audience is vast and her columns read widely. Despite the snarky nonsense that she usually writes, her opinion matters and usually influences many other opinions. So it was that when she chose to write about Israeli foreign policy (i.e., their relations with the United States) that she got herself into a bit of a tempest with the Jewish community. In Read more […]