FCC Internet Rules Angle to Shut Down Conservatives

“Net neutrality” is anything but. In the court fight that’s shaping up, the major issue seems to be that the rules are written in such a way that media outlets that have always been protected by the First Amendment no longer have any rights to free speech if they publish on the Internet. The case is expected to be heard in December. The rules were voted on by the FCC earlier this year. The most telling quote from the commission’s vote was this: “Broadband providers are conduits, not speakers Read more […]

Calling Something Net Neutrality Doesn’t Make It Neutral

The FCC’s secret development of Net Neutrality regulations should give us doubts about the label. Just as I was saying in regards to political labels, the labels slapped on many policies today have no relation to what the actual policy will produce. Just as with Obamacare, you have to ask yourself: Hey, if what is being proposed is so self-evidently good for everyone… why do the rules need to be written completely in the dark of backrooms, filled with lobbyists and others with vested Read more […]

The Economic Fallacy Behind Making Netflix Pay

Internet providers are intent on making Netflix pay in order to send their content. This is part of the ongoing debate on “net neutrality.” I don’t have a fixed opinion on net neutrality, but it seems that the arguments against Netflix keep demonstrating an economic fallacy. Today, Netflix plans to show the loading symbol in order to lobby against their adversaries. As Fox 2 in Missouri reported yesterday, Top sites on the Internet, including Netflix and Reddit, will be displaying a Read more […]