The Economic Fallacy Behind Making Netflix Pay

Internet providers are intent on making Netflix pay in order to send their content. This is part of the ongoing debate on “net neutrality.” I don’t have a fixed opinion on net neutrality, but it seems that the arguments against Netflix keep demonstrating an economic fallacy. Today, Netflix plans to show the loading symbol in order to lobby against their adversaries. As Fox 2 in Missouri reported yesterday, Top sites on the Internet, including Netflix and Reddit, will be displaying a Read more […]

We Are Ruled By Sleazebags, But You Didn’t Need An Actress To Tell You That

Still, it is interesting to get confirmation. According to Robin Wright on the Washington Post website, “D.C. is more corrupt than Hollywood. It really is. It’s more sleazy than Hollywood…” Robin Wright, as you may or may not know, plays in the Netflix soap opera, “House of Cards.” She went to Washington, DC to do research on the part she was playing as the wife of a Democrat, the House Majority Whip. She came away convinced that the sleazy show she is starring in is no worse than Read more […]