Chris Christie and the Takeover of Atlantic City

Here’s a campaign video claiming that Chris Christie is at least partly responsible for New Jersey’s alleged economic revival: I’m sure Chris Christie did some good things. As someone who was ambitious for higher office, he would be motivated to provide a legacy in New Jersey. Nevertheless, his record is mixed. Bloomberg reports, After almost five years of piecemeal efforts to fix Atlantic City, New Jersey’s distressed seaside resort faces more drastic measures: the end of its casino Read more […]

Councilwoman Resigns because of Christmas Tree

As far as I can tell, Charlene Storey had no objection to the ceremonial lighting of a large evergreen tree that was decorated with many ornaments. But when the city council called it a Christmas Tree, she flipped out. reports, “Roselle Park councilwoman quits over ‘Christmas’ tree lighting.” Minutes after the council voted 4-2 Thursday night to change the name of the ceremony from A Tree Lighting to A Christmas Tree Lighting, the councilwoman-at-large, left the meeting. She later submitted Read more […]

NJ Court: Only Real Harm Constitutes Child Neglect

Parents get some much-needed relief in one state regarding prosecution for child neglect. Pray that common sense spreads to other states. In addition to many stories about children being grabbed by police from public parks, and parents being prosecuted for letting children out of their sight, Mark Horne once even posted about a supervised child who was still being “neglected” according to the police. In that case, the car was running with the air conditioning and an adult was watching the Read more […]

Chris Christie Stiffs New Jersey Taxpayers and Gets Privacy for Expenses

Chris Christie was allowed to use “secret evidence” to get a judge to rule his security expenses are secret. Here is an interesting story: “Court allows Christie to hide $1 million in Amex charges.” Based on secret evidence, a New Jersey court is allowing Gov. Chris Christie to hide American Express bills that show how his state police security team charged more than $1 million to pay for out-of-state travel. Judge Mary C. Jacobson dismissed a public records suit by New Jersey Watchdog Read more […]

New Jersey Claims Eminent Domain over Man’s House because They Might Want It for Some Reason

While eminent domain is supposed to be for a public purpose, New Jersey says they want the house and will decide on the purpose later. CNN Politics published a valuable editorial this week, “This man won’t let New Jersey take his home.” Senior digital correspondent Chris Moody writes, Since 2012, his property has been the target of a state agency that aims to use eminent domain to demolish his three-story property to build a yet-to-be-announced tourism village the state says will revitalize Read more […]

Woman Stabbed to Death Waiting for Gun Permit

The state needs to keep us all safe, even at the cost of a woman stabbed to death. Since I reported on a woman who survived an armed attack because she was permitted more than ten rounds, perhaps it would be good to contrast that story with another about a woman stabbed to death because she wasn’t permitted a gun. Of course, this woman had filed a restraining order against the suspect. And, of course, this restraining order did nothing to prevent him from stabbing her to death. But the Read more […]

In NJ, Second Amendment Doesn’t Even Cover a Musket!

The police can arrest you and throw you in prison for a decade for having an unloaded musket in your car. Remember back when Piers Morgan was making a fool of himself by claiming the Second Amendment only applied to muskets? It turns out that Morgan was far too permissive! According to New Jersey’s law (or the prosecutor’s and cops’ interpretation of the law), not even flintlocks in use back when the Second Amendment was actually written are covered by the Second Amendment. A seventy-two-year-old Read more […]

Teens Work Hard to Serve Customers until Police Stop Them

Police stop youths from offering their snow shoveling services door to door. No they weren’t drug dealers. They weren’t trying to sell marijuana to anyone. They weren’t even selling loose cigarettes. But the police warned them to stop offering services or trying to find customers. From “Bound Brook cops stop teens seeking snow shoveling work.” School was closed for the blizzard that wasn’t, but there was still enough snow on the ground that two Bridgewater-Raritan Read more […]

From Debt to Despotism: The Lesson of the Christie Takeover

Chris Christie’s takeover of Atlantic City shows the path from debt to despotism. Atlantic City has a city mayor who was elected by the people. He is still in office. But it is questionable how much power he has now. The state executive is taking over the city. Reportedly, “officials stopped short” of calling it a “takeover,” but uses that terminology and so did a headline at, until word “takeover” was replaced with “emergency plan.” Perhaps all such references Read more […]

New Jersey: Pension Promises are Meaningless, Unenforceable

If you are relying on pension promises for your retirement, maybe you need to reconsider. No matter what is promised and no matter what the law says, if the money does not exist, you will not be paid. I am in general an ardent admirer of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie against the unions (I don’t admire him in many other areas). The pension promises that have been made by politicians are wrong and immoral. At the same time, I wonder at the ethics of going to the court and arguing that Read more […]

Police Militarization Financially Harmful to Locals

While it is offered “for free,” police militarization equipment can be costly. While the worries about police militarization have become entangled in the whole Ferguson controversy, the concerns have been raised long before that issue. One of the reasons to be concerned is that some of the “free” stuff really isn’t free at all, when you think of the entailed expenses. Depending on what kind of military technology a location receives, taxpayers in a local area may find their government Read more […]

Judge: State Has Broad Power; Constitution Doesn’t Matter

Because the state has broad power, it can supposedly do things not allowed in the constitution. You may have noticed that the world keeps getting more like a dystopian warning novel written by a conservative or Libertarian. It started back during the TARP bailout in 2008 and the news continues to get more and more unreal. If some conservative had written a novel, for example, in which the architect for a totalitarian government program admitted on video (seven times no less!) that it was based Read more […]