You Can’t Do It Here

A public school teacher from New Jersey has apparently lost his job for giving a Bible to and discussing religion with one of his students. Walter Tutka, a substitute middle school teacher, was dismissed for “distributing religious literature” and “not remaining neutral when discussing religion.” In other words, Tutka was fired for doing the very thing teachers are paid for—teaching. When a student asked Tutka where a quotation was from that the student had heard him say, Tutka told Read more […]

“Do This and Live”

As mentioned in yesterday’s article, Ayn Rand was known for her views of “anti-altruism,” or what she called the virtue of selfishness. However, what Rand called “selfishness” would be more accurate if it was referred to as “self-interest.” Pure selfishness is a total ignorance of the wants or needs of others, while self-interest does not promote such egotistical notions. Leonard Read explains: A vast majority of people in this and other countries, including many noted scholars, confuse Read more […]

Liberal Insists Jesus was a Socialist

My article “Paul Krugman Says It’s OK for Governments to Steal” got more than 200 comments. Sometimes I comment, but for the most part I try to stay out of on-line debates. Commenting on comments can be very time consuming, especially when you’re dealing with hard-headed know-it-alls who are allergic to facts, logic, and history. Often times, however, there’s a comment or two that needs a response. I found the following comment typically ill-informed: “The teachings of Christ just Read more […]