This Is What Happens When the Government Disarms You

This story enrages me. FOX 2 reports: “Horrific playground gang rape has NYPD asking public for help.” Another crime in a gun free zone. New York police are looking for five men who forced a father at gunpoint to leave his daughter behind so they could take turns raping her, according to a press release. The 18-year-old female was with her father at the Osborn Playground in Brooklyn around 9 p.m. Thursday when they were approached by five men, according to a press release from Read more […]

When Politicians Make Spending Decisions: Neglected Hidden Infrastructure

CBS News New York published an investigative report, “Experts Say Decaying Gas Lines Are A Ticking Time Bomb Below City Streets.” From the city to the suburbs, thousands of miles of some of the country’s oldest and decaying gas mains lay just below the surface of our streets. As CBS2’s Dick Brennan reported, experts said the consequences could be dangerous or devastating. In the early 20th century, there were new roads, rails, and an underground system delivered gas to buildings around Read more […]

Get Used to the Police State

Martial law is the new reality. According to NBC News, “Heavily Armed Anti-Terror Police to Guard Times Square on New Year’s.” Nearly 6,000 police officers — hundreds of them with long guns, radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs — will be guarding New York’s Times Square as a year punctuated by terrorist attacks draws to a close, officials said Tuesday. The NYPD and the FBI unveiled plans to protect the more than 1 million people who will throng to the Crossroads of the World on New Read more […]

Protection or Plunder? Whole Foods and New York City

I wanted to like this Associated Press story because, in theory, it is about the government doing what the government is supposed to do. It is supposed to punish fraud. I was actually prepared to say something nice about New York City’s government–a rare event for any government but especially in the case of the Big Apple. Sadly, there are enough doubts raised in the story that I can’t be so positive. In fact, looking at another news story, I think this amounts to blackmail with AP only reporting Read more […]

A Court Declares an Amazing Ruling on Uber

Uber cannot be punished because the taxi industry is incapable of successfully competing with it. We expect everyone to hate Uber. Bernie Sanders hates Uber. Hillary Clinton hates Uber. A judge in California rules against Uber.  So when you hear that a judge in New York City has ruled on Uber, there is not much reason to be optimistic. But the court’s ruling was shockingly good! Crain’s New York Business reports, “Judge rules on taxi industry lawsuit: Compete with Uber or die.” A Read more […]

The New York City Third World Holding System

A report on the bail system shows the Big Apple is a third world nightmare bureaucracy for anyone swept into its jails. Mark Horne has written about a horrifying case of a youth spending years in Rikers Island without ever getting a trial. That story had a horrible ending since the victim committed suicide. But while what happened to that kid might be an extreme instance, it nevertheless represents many tyrannies that people suffer at the hands of a broken system that seems to belong in a third Read more […]

Rikers Island Claims Its Prey: Freed Man Kills Himself

A young man held as a teen on Rikers Island for three years without trial, takes his own life. What happens to you when you, as a teen, spend three years in jail without even a trial, with about two of those years spent in solitary confinement? What kind of person do you become? What kind of personality do you develop? I wrote about this back in October 2, 2015. I might not have noticed that it is time to update the story, sadly, had it not been for Rand Paul who shared the news on Facebook. Kelley Read more […]

Jails Not Full Enough so Lets Ban Machetes

Anti-Second-Amendment thinking makes an attempt to ban machetes look intelligent. Once you have accepted the premise that people must be disarmed for their own good, then you really have no way of stopping where that thinking leads you. Thus, the New York Daily News headline: “State Sen. Tony Avella wants to ban machete possession in New York.” The sale of machetes should be outlawed after several recent attacks, a Queens pol said Wednesday. State Sen. Tony Avella plans to introduce Read more […]

New York Post Whines for More Arrests

Newspaper panicked that cops won’t make more arrests over “minor crimes.” In the first place, let’s be clear about the New York Post’s narrative. They are claiming that current police behavior is driven by fear of being shot. Their headline cries: “Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage.” And the reason for this horrible decline in productivity? It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage. NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses Read more […]

De Blasio Can’t Control His Police State

The lesson here is that, when you run a police state, it runs you. Cops who live in New York City vote, but there are lots of other voters as well. Bill de Blasio, who is as vile and disgusting a politician as we have in this country, naturally needed voter support to win. So, like any politician who wants to win an election, he put together a coalition that he hoped would win him the prize of running the organized crime syndicate that is the New York City government. (Note: I’m not denying Read more […]

Arrested Tea Party “Terrorist” Vindicated in Court

A woman arrested and abused for being Tea Party wins her lawsuit! Sometimes a bad story about our government and so-called “law enforcement” ends well! It ends even better when the mainstream media (in this case, the Associated Press) carries the story. It all began back in July 2009 in Westhampton Beach on eastern Long Island.  Nancy Genovese went to Gabreski Airport Air National Guard base. Outside the base was a helicopter on display. She wanted to take pictures of it for a “Support Read more […]

Can NYPD Control the Tongue?

The new deputy commissioner wants “New York’s finest” to control the tongue. People who insist they should control others should be able to demonstrate self-control. The people who are subject to them should have confidence that this elite group has mastered themselves—that vices and passions don’t rule them. When we have people holding office who are not in control of themselves, we have reason to be worried. Saint Augustine wrote about this centuries ago: [T]he bad man, even Read more […]