News Story Changes When “Thug” Is “Officer”

The language of a news story shifted in amazing ways from the earlier version before we learned the attacker was a cop! He was a “hulking brute.” He was a “thug.” And he did things: he attacked, he grabbed, he shoved, he “grabbed her in an unprovoked attack,” and then “he ran away, smiling.” But that was before the paper learned who the attacker was. In the later story in the New York Daily News, it became mostly passive voice. The victim “was put into a bear hug,” Read more […]

Newspaper endorsements tell a historic tale

On Sunday, the reliably Democratic newspaper, the New York Daily News, endorsed Mitt Romney for president. The paper endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, and its switch in allegiance is as bold as it is unexpected. The Daily News is now one of 11 major papers that supported Obama in 2008, but has now thrown its support behind Romney. The really bad news for Obama is that only one paper, the San Antonio Express-News, has switched direction—they endorsed McCain in 2008—toward him. This is of particular Read more […]