Lawsuit: New York SAFE Act Trashes the Fourth Amendment

Bob recently posted about a man who go in trouble because he did not remain in his appointed “first-amendment zone.” We’re not supposed to have to worry about zones for the basic freedoms recognized in the Bill of Rights. Yet the government has managed to get us accustomed to restricting and narrowing down the areas in which we can enjoy the exercise of our rights. Not in airports. Not while driving. On and on it goes. According to a recent lawsuit New York’s gun registry law is an attempt Read more […]

Gun Control Resistance Done Right: Let Rulers Know They Had Better Have an Appetite for Enforcement

The old “New Left” slogan was “What if they had a war and nobody came?” The new Right question should be: What if they passed a law and no one complied? In Vermont, the legislature voted on three new laws about firearms. They banned concealed carry in bars and restaurants, authorized police to confiscate all guns any time they are called to a domestic dispute, and mandated that guns at home be locked up. Of the three, authorizing the police to confiscate the guns is the most evil. As far as Read more […]

New York Sheriffs Join Federal Lawsuit Against SAFE Act

New York State’s Rifle and Pistol Association is an affiliate of the National Rifle Association. They’ve filed a federal lawsuit against New York for their overreaching gun-grabbing bill that expands the definition of assault weapon and puts an arbitrary cap on the number of rounds that are allowed to be inside a gun magazine. In fact, one New York man was recently arrested for having 9 rounds in his properly registered firearm instead of 7. The New York State Sheriffs’ Association as well Read more […]