Amazon to New York Times: You’re Lying about Ted Cruz

Amazon claims that the new book by Ted Cruz deserves to be on the best seller list; there is no unusual bulk purchasing When I expressed my doubts about the New York Times’ justification for not listing the new book by Ted Cruz on their bestseller list, I figured I would never know for sure. I certainly never expected Amazon to come to the defense of Ted Cruz. But on this issue they did. As reports, “Amazon: ‘No evidence’ of bulk sales for Cruz book.” The New York Times’ refusal to Read more […]

Ted Cruz Book Banned from NY Times Bestseller List

Are they treating the Ted Cruz book the same way they would treat a book by Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? It is absolutely true that famous or wealthy people can “stimulate” book sales, in various ways that don’t indicate accurately the popular interest in the book. So maybe they had reason to not trust the sales of the Ted Cruz book, “A Time for Truth.” Maybe. But I have a hard time believing the New York Times is treating the Ted Cruz book the same way they have treated a Read more […]