New York Times V. Truth, Reason, and Nail Salons

When the New York Times wrote an attack on the nail salon industry, Mark Horne pointed out that the article was so biased as to be worthless. But I missed the story about’s counterattack and the New York Time’s less-than-adequate response. If you have time, make sure you watch the video above. The New York Times’ falsehood unleashed self-righteous indignation of Governor Anthony Cuomo and his army of “inspectors” (like customers and workers can’t inspect a business for themselves Read more […]

Obama’s Devastating Admission? Or Dodge?

The Federalist voted to classify Obama’s statement as an admission: “The New York Times Just Memory-Holed This Devastating Obama Admission.” A story published by the New York Times late Thursday night caused some major media waves. The story, which was written by reporters Peter Baker and Gardiner Harris, included a remarkable admission by Obama about his response to the recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California. By Friday morning, however, the entire passage containing Obama’s Read more […]

New York Times Calls for America to be Disarmed

Who didn’t see this coming? The New York Times, in its first front-page editorial in almost 100 years, today called on the government to force Americans to give up their guns “for the good of their fellow citizens.” “It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency,” the editorial states. After the events of the past week, which featured saturated coverage of two mass shootings, the media have Read more […]

New York Times and CNN Cover for Mass Killing

Why would these mainstream news outlets obscure who was responsible for the mass killing of doctors and patients? The Intercept has a perspective that could bias them with a story like this. But when a Liberal news site congratulates the Wall Street Journal on printing the plain truth and points out that two major liberal sources are trying to hide it, I think we should take notice. The Intercept contends that the New York Times and CNN both tried to hide from readers the perpetrator of a mass Read more […]

Sometimes Ending Child Labor Is Cruel to Children

Advocates of ending child labor need to gain some respect for unintended consequences. Milton Friedman famously suggested that government programs should be measured by results, not their intentions. I’m sure he said also, or would have said, that moral crusades should be judged by their consequences, not by the intentions of the moral crusaders. For whatever reason the New York Times Editorial Board decided late last month to pass judgment on at what age and how much children in India work Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Has Power to Make New York Times Change Its Story

Can you imagine what would happen if anyone else tried to make the New York Times change its story? The scandal of Hillary Clinton’s private email server has just reached a new point, since it looks like proof has been discovered that she used it to send classified information. But even with this revelation we see how Hillary Clinton gets special treatment. At we learn that the media bows in deference to her even when they catch her. The New York Times made small but significant Read more […]

The So-Called Rubio Problem

There is lots to appreciate about Marco Rubio. His Cuban background offers him an enviable connection with the Latino population. There are over 25 million Latin voters eligible to vote. And Latin voters pick out the unsophisticated American candidates trying to brave their way into the Hispanic community with their 2nd grade spanish. Rubio has the charisma and the rhetoric to shine in this coming election season. Political ideologies and differences aside, he is a fine candidate. [See also Read more […]

David Brooks Tries to Find Good News in Youth Job Crisis but Thirty is Too Late

David Brooks shares some sobering news about college grads and then tries encourage readers that it is not so bad. The encouragement is not convincing. I don’t often write positively about David Brooks because I think almost everything he ever says about foreign policy and national security are delusions that, when acted upon, increase chaos among the nations and leave the United States less secure. But this editorial in the New York Times was mostly good: “How Adulthood Happens.” The Read more […]

New York Times Declares Traditional Marriage ‘Absurd’

Either the victory of homosexual “marriage” in Ireland has just made the New York Times editors giddy beyond belief or someone in the NYT offices was passing around the champagne. But in a rare burst of unguarded liberal honesty, the New York Times — still thought by some people, especially those who work there, to be a leading voice of public opinion — declared the traditional family model of a wedded mother and a father raising children together in the same household an “absurdity.” It’s Read more […]

New York Times Discovers Work is Hard

For manicurists in major cities, work is hard, but how does abolishing the jobs help those workers? The New York Times has released a major exposé of the nail salon industry: “The Price of Nice Nails.” It shows some pretty horrible stuff. Because many of these workers are in the country illegally, they cannot sue their employer for assault when they are physically assaulted—as sometimes happens. In general, however, much of the story shows the arrogance of moralizing about market operations. Once Read more […]

NYT Editorial: Eliminate Christianity and Replace

Not sure which is worse: an editorial that wants to eliminate Christianity or one that doesn’t realize that it has done so. Let me just get to the punchline: Creech and Mitchell Gold, a prominent furniture maker and gay philanthropist, founded an advocacy group, Faith in America, which aims to mitigate the damage done to L.G.B.T. people by what it calls “religion-based bigotry.” Gold told me that church leaders must be made “to take homosexuality off the sin list.” His commandment Read more […]

Mysterious Murder Makes Media Mock Conspiracy Theories

A prosecutor is killed by a bullet to the head and the media, rather than investigate, prefers to mock conspiracy theories. As far as I can tell, this New York Times article assumes that the rational response to a murder mystery is to mock people for speculation about who is responsible for the killing. The headline lets you know that we are supposed to be entertained by the fact that people are dealing with an unknown killer: “Whodunit? In Obsessed Nation, Question Becomes Who Didn’t.” The Read more […]