Violence in the Name of Jesus

The New York Times reported that a church in upstate New York was apparently trying to beat a confession of sin out of two boys who were found in the Word of Life Christian Church on Sunday, October 11.  One boy was dead, and the other as serious injuries Sadly, in the name of Christ, these children were harmed. At least seven children, from about 2 to 15 years old, had also been taken from the church site, the police said, including four of Ms. Ferguson’s children, and placed in foster care. The Read more […]

Governor Cuomo “Astroturfs” to Give the Impression of Grassroots Support for Climate Change Issues

Governor Andrew Cuomo along with former Vice President Al Gore were on hand for a climate change event last week in which Governor Cuomo “astroturfed” the meeting to make it appear that there was vigorous grassroots support for it. The New York Post reported that: The workers said they left their jobs in the middle of the day Thursday and were paid their full salaries to hear Cuomo at Columbia University announce the state was joining a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “I’d Read more […]

Tolerance Takes a Holiday

I love me some Chick-fil-A! In our city, Chick-fil-A has slowly been adding more stores, and with each one, I feel a little more thankful for a family-friendly fast food chain that has some pretty healthy choices on its menus. They also serve up freindliness, courtesy, and smiles. I guess I am not the only one who likes the overall atmosphere of Chick-fil-A. Some customers at one of the newest and largest branches of the chain are feeling pretty good about it, too. According to writer Ginia Bellafante in Read more […]

New World Order Recruits a Global Police Force

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations on Wednesday that the Department of Justice would be working with several major metropolitan police forces, starting with New York, to create a globe-girdling police force targeting “violent extremism.” Yee-haw. It’s on like Donkey Kong. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear that his city has joined 25 other cities worldwide because the global police force will target “intolerance.” “The Strong Cities network will Read more […]

Ending Equality for Women: Transgender Sports

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association is about to vote on the “most inclusive” transgender sports guidelines ever. Since we already have a hunk of transgender womanhood hospitalizing females in the MMA, and the Armed Forces is about to open the floodgates, of course it is time to institute transgender sports. Victor Skinner at writes, “New York mulls ‘most inclusive’ transgender student athlete rules in nation.” Officials with the New York State Public Read more […]

Buffalo Cop Fired, Loses Pension, For Stopping Abuse

Why is this Buffalo Cop now working as a truck driver? What do you do when a cop stops a fellow officer from choking a handcuffed suspect? If you are the cop doing the choking, you assault that officer. Then, if you are the supervisors of the officers, you accuse the cop who tried to stop the abuse of “obstruction” and fire her. That is the story we have so far. My thanks to the reader of my post about the Cleveland police force who alerted me by Facebook comment to this online petition: Read more […]

Now You Can’t Even Sit Like a Man

I’m all for equality between the sexes insofar as it’s reasonable. But when government officials start telling men how to sit in public, well, I just can’t stand for that. The busy beavers over at the transit agency in New York — of course it’s New York — are planning to spend beaucoup taxpayer bucks on an ad campaign to stop the public safety scourge they call “manspreading.” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this is the brainchild of some mad feminist or her man-child partner, Read more […]

How Politics & Culture Collaborate with Killers by Gun Control

Restraining orders show that killers rule. This story showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday: “Torres sentenced for murder of Amber Fernald.” Alexis Torres arrived in court on Thursday morning to learn his punishment for the murder of a mother of three on June 10. In November, Torres pleaded guilty to the murder of 33-year-old Amber Fernald in her Sixth Avenue Lansingburgh apartment. Fernald’s children were in court on Thursday — authorities say they witnessed their mother Read more […]

Gun Free Zone – Man Robs Restaurant with Machete in New York, not Texas

Many people have noticed that gun free zones are invitations to shooters. In some states we see that they are invitations to machete-wielders. I am not saying that we would never see a story about a machete-armed robber in a state that didn’t subvert the Second Amendment. We might. But it wouldn’t be likely and, when it did happen, it would be a humorous anecdote. So for example Dave Jolly’s post about an attempted robbery in Florida: “Robber Had Cattle Prod. Store Clerk Had Gun. Who Read more […]

Corrections Officers Gone Wild!

Kudos to this reporter and cameraman for keeping cool under bloviating and blustering by a corrections officer who should be looking for work today. This is the way freedom is preserved, you call a tyrant’s bluff, and respectfully tell him he’s full of crap and can take his illegal orders and stuff them wherever he likes. From “NewsChannel 13 crew threatened with arrest at Mount McGregor.” A NewsChannel 13 crew was threatened with arrest on Thursday. It happened as they were Read more […]

New York Gov Gangsters Want to Destroy Thriving Black Market in Rental Property

People living in New York City have found a way to increase their property values and make their rentals less useless to them. Naturally, they had to break “the law” in order to accomplish this burst of productivity. Sidenote: No real law is broken. “The Law,” the real law that operates for all human beings at all times, states that persons can rent or sell their property. That’s what private property means. These property owners or renters only broke “the law” if we identify the Read more […]

Gun Control Resistance Done Right: Let Rulers Know They Had Better Have an Appetite for Enforcement

The old “New Left” slogan was “What if they had a war and nobody came?” The new Right question should be: What if they passed a law and no one complied? In Vermont, the legislature voted on three new laws about firearms. They banned concealed carry in bars and restaurants, authorized police to confiscate all guns any time they are called to a domestic dispute, and mandated that guns at home be locked up. Of the three, authorizing the police to confiscate the guns is the most evil. As far as Read more […]