Chris Christie Prohibits Tesla From Selling Cars In NJ

It isn’t just Chris Christie. Many states have banned Tesla from selling “direct” to consumers. Crony corruption is so foundational to the politicians that they sometimes simply assume that everyone knows about it and should act accordingly. Reading this Bloomberg story I get a similar reaction to the first time I realized how insanely government-botched our farming and food system is. Bloomberg reports: Governor Chris Christie’s administration blocked Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), the electric-car Read more […]

NY Legislature Attacking Facial Scrubs… And They’re Probably Right To Do So!

I say “probably” because I haven’t had time to research the factual claims behind the legislation. But if anyone thinks conservatives are against all government action, then this might be a time to set the record straight. If the facts are correct then I think if is quite likely that the NY legislature is doing exactly what it needs to do. In that case, I hope other states, or even the Federal Government follows their example. Here is’s summary: New York state lawmakers have Read more […]

Obamacare Offers Thousands Of Dollars To Married Couples To Divorce

You have probably heard about the Obamacare marriage penalty before, but now we have a local news channel covering a specific couple. Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara’s love affair began at a party in 2008. “We kissed on a bean bag chair,” Aronowitz said. A year later, it grew into a marriage at City Hall in Manhattan. “It was really sudden,” Aronowitz said. “It was basically because he needed health insurance, and I had a job that would give that to him.” But four years Read more […]

Firearms Company Leaving NY Due To Anti-Gun Laws

Earlier this year, New York and Colorado were among the states to pass a number of anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment laws. In Colorado, at least three firearms companies are in the process of moving their business out of the state.  The Outdoor Channel cancelled four programs that were being produced in the state and advised a boycott against all outdoor recreation, which is a large part of the economy of the state.  Additionally, a number of recall drives are underway aimed at the four main Read more […]

New Evidence Suggests TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down Leaving New York

On July 17, 1996, TWA flight 800 took off from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City carrying 212 passengers and 12 flight crew.  As the Boeing 747-100 climbed in altitude and turned towards its destination of Paris, the plane exploded just off the shore of East Moriches, New York, killing everyone on board. A number of witnesses at the time claimed that they had seen something like a missile or flare strike the plane just before it exploded.  The National Transportation and Read more […]

Al Jazeera Could Take Over New York Times Building

I don’t know if it’s karma or just God having a good laugh, but Al-Jazeera, the Mideast-based Muslim news organization that recently bought out Al Gore’s Current TV is looking for a U.S. headquarters, and it’s cast an eye at the former New York Times Building. The Times moved out of the building years ago because it couldn’t pay the mortgage. Decades of progressively more obvious leftward slanting of the newspaper’s coverage has taken a heavy toll on what was once one of the country’s great newspapers. Al Read more […]

Our Government Spent $22 Million on What this Guy Does Better and Way Cheaper

Is there anything that government can do better than the private sector? Actually, there are a few things. Steal money by the trillions of dollars. Spend money by the multi-trillions. Go into debt by who knows how many millions. Kill people in endless wars. De-educate people in a multi-billion-dollar school system. Create long lines. Bankrupt the postal service. Wreck a thriving economy. And so much more. Consider old newspapers. There is a wealth of information in them, but hardly anybody can Read more […]

NY Dem in Trouble for Noticing Some People Have Brown Skin

State politics are not usually as interesting as national politics, but here we have a good story involving a New York state assemblyman named Dov Hikind. Despite Hikind’s being a Democrat, I will come to his defense here because he did nothing wrong. Hikind, a white man (yes, that’s relevant), hosted a costume party at his home in Brooklyn for the Jewish holiday Purim. Hikind’s costume consisted of a basketball jersey, a black man’s afro, and brown makeup for his face (blackface). This offended Read more […]

Public Schools Used to Have Rifle Teams — Even New York

I graduated from high school in 1968. There were some problem students. I do remember a student who robbed a bank during lunch and hid the money in his locker, but that was the rare exception. It was big news at the time because it was so out of the ordinary. There were fights and petty thievery. The perpetrators were dealt with swiftly by the administration without having to worry that their parents would hire a lawyer and sue the school. My wife grew up in a small town in the northwestern part Read more […]

Congressman Rangel Slams South Over Guns but Doesn’t Mention Chicago or Detroit

Charles Rangel is a Democrat Congressman from New York. He is not a big believer in the Second Amendment. He’s also prejudice against the South. Speaking on MSNBC Live on January 16, 2013 Rangel said that “‘some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome’ when it comes to gun control.” He went on to say: “New York is a little different and more progressive in a lot of areas than some other states and some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.” What Read more […]

New York Governor Pushes Late Term Abortion “For The Children”

One way liberals try to protect the children is by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, or at least placing restrictions on magazines and gun purchases. Another way they protect children is by giving women the right to murder their unborn child, thus protecting that child from a potential life of hardship in this cruel world filled with gun violence. Since New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has been successful at passing more stringent gun laws to protect the kids, he’s now pushing the Read more […]

New York’s New Gun Laws Are a Cosmic Joke and the Criminals are Laughing

I listened to Andrew Cuomo speak on the gun laws the state of New York just passed. He sounded like a Pentecostal preacher. The cheers from the crowd reminded me of a revival meeting. For liberals, more laws are their salvation. They believe that more laws make us safer and more secure. Law books are their Bible. The building that houses the legislature is their church. What is often lost on liberals is that the intent of the heart and the machinations of the mind are where evil is hatched. It Read more […]