Police Militarization Financially Harmful to Locals

While it is offered “for free,” police militarization equipment can be costly. While the worries about police militarization have become entangled in the whole Ferguson controversy, the concerns have been raised long before that issue. One of the reasons to be concerned is that some of the “free” stuff really isn’t free at all, when you think of the entailed expenses. Depending on what kind of military technology a location receives, taxpayers in a local area may find their government Read more […]

Cory Booker: The Next Barack Obama Running for the Senate

Cory Booker is the Democrat mayor of Newark,”the unfriendliest city in the world” and the sixth most dangerous city in the United States. Despite massive failure and a ruined city crumbling around him during his tenure, he is fabricating a fable for himself in hopes of securing a Senate seat. And, in future, The White House. He has learned much from his role model, Barack Obama. On Saturday The New York Post ran a story about Cory Booker, “Legend in His Own Mind”: Helping a gunshot Read more […]