Obama Decides It Is Time To Publicly Rape The Press, Starting With South Carolina

Absolutely, positively, without question NO!!! Do we need to take up the Second Amendment to protect the First? Perhaps that day is coming much more quickly than I could have ever dreaded. From the Fox News Channel Blog: “Gov’t Monitors in Newsrooms? FCC to Look Into Media Decision-Making.” In a controversial move, the Obama administration is looking to send the FCC in to investigate how the media chooses stories. Shannon Bream reported this morning on the plan, which is quickly drawing Read more […]

Al Jazeera Could Take Over New York Times Building

I don’t know if it’s karma or just God having a good laugh, but Al-Jazeera, the Mideast-based Muslim news organization that recently bought out Al Gore’s Current TV is looking for a U.S. headquarters, and it’s cast an eye at the former New York Times Building. The Times moved out of the building years ago because it couldn’t pay the mortgage. Decades of progressively more obvious leftward slanting of the newspaper’s coverage has taken a heavy toll on what was once one of the country’s great newspapers. Al Read more […]