It’s the Return of the Obama Show Fainter

President Obama heroically caught a fainting diabetic, pregnant woman yesterday during a speech about the problems with his health care law’s roll out. At least that’s the media spin on it. If you watch the video, Obama barely laid a finger on the woman, Karmel Allison, while the man behind her  does the actual catching. But it’s just like Obama to try to take the credit for someone else’s work. Besides a bout of “he’s so caring” hero worship from the media, the incident raised hoots of Read more […]

Facts and Fictions of History

What is history? Is it simply a record of past events, or is it more than that? Is it true? Can it be false? Is it open to interpretation? All of these questions are important and relevant to the discussion. The primary thing to remember when reading or studying history though, is that no one individual can claim to have the authoritative angle on it. Just as police do not (or should not) rely on a single witness to re-construct a crime, so historical events cannot be understood properly by reading Read more […]

What’s Truth Got to Do With It?

You’ve heard it said that the First Amendment gives us the right to free speech, but it doesn’t give us the right to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater. In other words, with rights come certain responsibilities; we’re not given carte blanche to say anything we want at any time. The First Amendment also gives us the right of a free press, in the same breath, in fact, as it gives the right to free speech. From this, I think we can assume that the framers saw these rights as practically the Read more […]