Merkel Condemns “Hate,” then German Newspaper Burned

Arsonists attacked a German newspaper that republished some Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Associated Press reports on the story:  Police in Germany have detained two men suspected of an arson attack early today against a newspaper that republished the cartoons of French weekly Charlie Hebdo. The newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost said on its website the overnight arson attack destroyed several files in its archive, but didn’t injure anyone. Hamburg police said it had detained the two young men Read more […]

Christian Fired for Opposing Queen James Bible on His Personal Blog

The Queen James Bible, as it is called, is a revision of the Bible that mutilates its teachings against homosexual practice. A Christian is a follower of Jesus and takes the same view of Scripture that Jesus does. (Yes I know, when Jesus was ministering in Israel, he had fewer books that were Scripture to him. His own ministry added to that number. My point is that he showed reverence for what was Scripture then and his followers show the same reverence for what is Scripture now.) And since Christians Read more […]

New York Gun Thieves Guided By “Gun Map”

At least two burglars broke into the home of a 70-year-old in White Plains, New York on Davis Street. Other residents on the street told local news that they hadn’t seen a burglary on that street in 15 years. The burglars were after the homeowner’s guns that he kept in a safe in an upstairs room. They were however unsuccessful in breaking the weapons out of the safe. How did they know this homeowner had guns? Police are all but admitting that there is a connection between the map that the Read more […]